Happy Birthday Burpees!

Alarm went off.  I turned it off and rolled over. I spent the next five minutes having a conversation in my head about all the reasons why I could justify sleeping in vs. why I needed to get my ass out of bed and into Craic.  I ended up getting out of bed and going in.

When we got in, Jarrod told us that we were going to do 54 burpees for someone’s birthday as the warm-up.  FIFTY-FOUR.  We all looked at each other, thinking that he was joking, but then the clock counted down and burpees it was.  We continued to do our burpees, looking at each other in disbelief the entire way through – thinking that he was going to stop us after two minutes.  Or three minutes.  I was regretting getting out of bed.  40 burpees in, I realized that he wasn’t joking and we weren’t stopping until we were done with all 54 burpees.  I have no idea how long it took.  And that wasn’t even the workout.  After we were done, we asked who’s birthday it was…turns out no one was turning 54 today.  It was fake birthday day.  Fuck.

Workout, as Rx was:

20 kb swings
20 double unders
2min REST
row 100m
10 wallballs
rest 2 min

I modified it as follows:

20 kb swings (RUSSIAN) 35#
20 double single unders
2min REST
row 100m AB Mat Sit-Ups (Air Dyne is broken!)
10 wallballs (20# med ball cleans)
rest 2 min

Tough workout for me. First real MetCon that I’ve done since coming back.  I tried to row, but my wrist bothered me (hence the sit-ups) and when I did the throwing/catching motion in the air my left shoulder was tweaking a bit, so I thought better of doing those.  I had done all kinds of work on the med ball clean during the CFL1 Trainer seminar, so I thought I’d do that.  I will say that the CFL1 trainer seminar was really helpful in me learning the process and the “why” of modifying workouts.  I was able to plan out relatively easily how I would modify today’s workout – but still get the same intensity that the other people were getting.  The whole workout was painful.  Every aspect of it.  Glad that I got through it.  Focused on maintaining a steady pace throughout.  Tried to have as high intensity as possible.  Scores were (if I remember correctly):

A) 4+20 / 4+7

B) 3+7 / 3+2

I think that this is how my cats feel sometimes.
that's enough

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