Craicaversary and some perspective

So February 20th marks my one since I walked into Craic for my On-Ramp Class.  Jarrod was our coach.  I walked in, not knowing what to expect.  As I waited in the corner by the door with all the other people in the On-Ramp class, I noticed this woman who was winding down from her workout and you could see her six pack through her t-shirt (who ended up becoming a close friend, Susie Diesel!).  Everyone who was finishing the workout looked like they were in great shape but were completely exhausted from whatever they had just done.  I immediately started questioning whether or not I belonged there.  I was woefully out of shape and hadn’t really found a fitness regime that worked for me.

The first workout that we did was an AMRAP 7:

  • 7 deadlifts
  • 7 situps
  • 7 pullups

My notes in my workout app were:

  • Blue, green band assisted pull-ups
  • Pull-ups totally struggled
  • Not full sit-ups (had to pull legs)

I managed to squeak out three rounds.

The second day of the on-ramp training the workout was:

5×5 backsquats for quality with the 15# “lady bar” and then a 500m row.  My time was 2:17.

Wow.  Talk about perspective.   For the past couple of months I’ve been in a funk, too focused on the injuries and things that are preventing me from improving and meeting my goals.  But that’s not really true.  Look at where I am, compared to a year ago. In December, I did 7×7 backsquats at 145#. I PR’d my 1RM at 210#.  I can get through a workout without having to grab my legs to pull me up during sit-ups.  I can deadlift 245#.  My 500m row is 1:46.6.  I have become more confident.  I have better balance in my life.  Overall, I’m a much healthier person. I’ve lost fat, gained muscle.   I am also now a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer!! (Yes, I passed my test!)


I’m not spewing those statistics out to brag.  I’m pointing out how easy it is to forget how far you’ve come and don’t forget to celebrate that.  Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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