Strength Workout with Dizzle

Went to the gym early this morning to get a 1-1 with Jarrod, focusing on upper body strength.  We had the whole gym to ourselves, which was quite nice.  It’s hard for me to concentrate during the 1-1 with a bunch of people in the gym.

Empty Craic

Empty Craic

Workout was:

  • 3 x Couplet – 8 x Wide grip bench press (increasing weight), 8 x one step ring rows 
  • 3 x Triplet – 12 x glute bridges with barbell at hip crease, 10 (each arm) x bicep curls (increasing weight), 10 x tricep skull crushers (increasing weight)
  • Clean skill work

The wide bench press was an interesting movement.  It was almost snatch grip.  Weights were: 65#, 75#, 85# – definitely tough to get that 8th rep for 85#.  The one step ring rows were hard on the last couple as well.

For the glute bridges, you had to make sure you had the barbell in the right place or they were quite painful.  Here’s a video of Coach Glen doing them to help you understand.  I did them with 35#.

The bicep and tricep set got exponentially harder as I increased weight.  15# was doable, but difficult.  20# was tough and I could barely squeak out all my reps.  25# was a shit show.  I could only do about 6 bicep curls on each arm and 6 skull crushers.  I went for 7 skull crushers and didn’t even know what I ended up doing.  By the time I was done, my arms were hulking and shredded.  Definitely got my strength workout in today!  My wrist / forearm were killing me with the bicep curls and a little on the tricep work.  Need to use my new handy Arm Aid / torture device and work some of that shit out!

Arm Aid (not a crazy sex toy)

Arm Aid (not a crazy sex toy)

After, as a treat, we got to work on some skill work for my cleans.  There is a method where you pull the bar up and as you extend your hips forward , the bar hits your upper leg and it sort of bounces up.  Definitely something I’d like to work on to get my cleans more efficient.  Definitely something I need to work a lot on.  A little uncoordinated right now doing so, but got one or two of them correctly and I could see why learning this little bit could help my clean a lot.

And finally, my friend Johnny D competed in the Shoreline Crossfit Masters Throwdown yesterday.  He won!  Such a beast!  Here’s a great shot they got of him at the competition:

Johnny D wins Shoreline Crossfit Masters Throwdown

Johnny D wins Shoreline Crossfit Masters Throwdown

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