Business Trip and the Oscars

Stayed up late last night watching the Oscars­® and couldn’t get my shit together in the morning to do at Craic.  Completely regretting this because I have to leave early tomorrow morning for a business trip and I’m at the office working late tonight.  I’m not going to be able to get a workout in NYC (where I’m going) – hopefully I’ll be able to go to a PM class on Wednesday when I get back.

Some notes from the Oscars:

  1. I’m still quite perplexed as to why Ben Affleck got snubbed for a director’s nod for Argo.  I’m glad that they won best picture, so he got some recognition there.
  2. I have seen most of the films that were nominated, with the exception of Life of Pi – and given all the recognition, I definitely need to.
  3. I thought Seth McFarlane was just OK.  Not too spectacular.
  4. I think that it’s sad that there are people who win the Academy Awards for the “less flashy” categories and they cut them off during their speech – which is likely at the pinnacle of their careers. They’ve likely worked their entire careers for this one moment, and they cut them off so that they have enough time for the overly extravagant production numbers, which the majority, in my opinion, were just “meh.”
  5. Dylan Tichenor should have won for editing Zero Dark Thirty. *Note that I’m friends with his brother, but still … he deserved it.
  6. Jennifer Hudson killed it during her performance.
  7. Adele looked amazing.  She should wear her hair down more often and I loved her dress!
  8. I love Jennifer Lawrence.  She’s so not-jaded yet and I hope she keeps that.
  9. I was surprised by Daniel Day Lewis’ humor during his speech.  He is a living legend.
  10. I don’t know why I’ve dedicated so much of this blog post to the Oscars, nor the 4 hours of my life I spent watching them.
  11. I’m in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Okay, enough of this non-crossfit or cat-related post.



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