So we had some partners in at work and I’ve spent the last two days with them from early in the morning, into the late hours at night.  One of my colleagues brought in these amazing fresh donuts from some place in Somerville, MA.  I ate one.  I also ate a lot of non-Paleo stuff for lunch (bread, cookies, chips) and continued my terrible food habits trek into dinner on Thursday.  Oh, and that other donut on Friday, and that other lunch with them and into dinner…Ugh.  Good times with some great people, but I’ve got to learn to stay strong with my eating habits in business / social situations where no one else but me is strict about their eating habits.

I worked out on Friday, and that was a total shit show.  The workout was:

AMRAP 2 x 4

  • 12 deadlifts
  • 9 hang cleans
  • 6 jerks

Rx weight was 75#, which is an okay weight for me.  But I knew going in, I was going to have grip issues given all the wrist issues I’ve been having.  I didn’t really have a bunch of issues with Grace, so I wasn’t expecting it to be as bad as it was during this workout.  I was wrong.  The first round was 1+19, which was decent.  Jerks were no problem – but my wrist started throbbing and my grip just went.  It was just a bad combo of grip issues (that most people had during this workout) combined with my wrist. The 2nd round I got 1+15. I decided that for my 3rd and 4th sets to bump down to 65# and it still hurt.  Round three, I was only able to get 1+9.  I was able to rally a bit for the 4th round and went to 1+12.  My wrists and forearms still hurt today.  It was just a mess all around.

Went into the gym this morning and was coached by the lovely Sara McEvoy (read her latest Habits of Happiness post here) and it was an AMRAP 15:

  • 10 KB swings @ 35#
  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 push-ups

I also ran for the first time in a long time this morning 2x400m as part of the warm-up and it was sluggish, but not horrible.  My ankle started hurting a bit from the impact, but it was nice to be running again.  Even though I hate running, it was just nice to be doing a movement again.  Then we got to the workout.  I did 5 push-ups to an AB Mat and did step-ups for the majority of the workout.  The first two rounds were jumps, but my legs started to get fatigued and the impact on my ankle / knees wasn’t feeling all that great.  About two minutes in, the shit show of Saturday began.  I was DONE.  Toast.  Couldn’t believe that I had 13 minutes left in the AMRAP.  I was sluggish, weak, tired…it was terrible.  Final score was 9+10 (ish?)

What could it have been?  Let’s see.  Did you pay attention to the first paragraph of this post? I ate crap for two straight days.  I didn’t take care of myself for a 48 hour period.  Correlation?  Yes.  Did it punch me in the face?  Yup.  Did I listen to what the world told me today as I lay on the floor post-workout?  Absolutely.

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  1. This was a great post because it hit home: I notice a pattern when I eat horrible during the day then try to do wod that night it is a shit show I’m sluggish and weak

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