Live from Craic

Good morning!  Blogging here live from Craic 🙂  I had to bring my computer in so that Jarrod could download something for the rowing machines.  (It uses a PC only)  Here’s my view right now:


I decided to do today’s blog as I wait for him to finish up with a client.  I think his client is like 10 years old and his jerk is 10x better than mine.

Today’s private session with Jarrod was a tough one – focused on some mobility, but mostly strength.

First part of workout was:

  • 4 rounds of 4 x one and a quarter front squats, increasing weight
  • 10x  one step ring rows between sets

It was a new movement for me.  You’re in the front squat position, dip down to the bottom, essentially “bounce” to just at parallel, go back down, and then straight up to complete the front squat.  I started at 95# and got a feel for the movement.  Definitely took a ton of core stability, keeping a straight back, and keeping your chest up.  Moved to 115# for the first set of the workout.  This just got exponentially harder!  Got through and did my ring rows.  Jumped to 135# (Jarrod was dictating weight, I wasn’t).  Last rep was excruciating, and I was a little light headed at the top.  Jarrod told me that if I needed to gather myself and pause for a moment up to if I needed to between reps.  For the third round I went with 145# , I paused way too long and almost failed the third rep and failed the fourth rep.  But it was a legit failure where I pushed as hard as I could.  Did the same weight for the 4th round and took a minimal rest and busted through the first two reps and kind of the 3rd rep.  4th rep failed again, just could keep my mid-line stability.  Great workout and legs were toast.


For those of you that don’t know what this is, here is a video of Coach B explaining the how and why of the 1 and 1/4 squat:

After we did some core work with 12 hip extensions on the GHD and 30 seconds of ring planks.  The ring planks SUCKED.  Jarrod was “counting” the 30 seconds … and I KNOW I did more than 30 seconds.  But I definitely I need to work on my core muscles.  We did two rounds of that.  I hate the rings.  Here’s my set-up.

photo (1)

Great workout this morning with Jarrod.  Great to be back at it.

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