Running Workout and Some Celebrations

In my effort to get back into the swing of things, I’m trying to stick with the 3 days on, one day off regime.  Yesterday was a rest day.  Today’s workout was coached by John and it was a running workout.  The workout was 5 rounds for time per round of run 400m and 15 pull-ups.

Since they post the next day’s workout the night before, I knew it was running and opted to wear my running shoes.  For some reason, it felt really weird to be wearing them.  Might have been my socks.

photo 2 (5)

I decided that since I’m easing back into running, and my ankle was sore from running 2×400 on Saturday – I’d cut the run to 200m and do ring rows at 1 step back.  Overall, the running shoes provided some more cushion to absorb the impact – which was great.  Towards the end of each run I’d start to get a tightness / pain in my shin and achilles, but I’m hoping that this is just because I need to start using my legs again for impact workouts.  I’m not going to rush into it, going to ease back in and hopefully be in tip top shape come late spring.  John told the class the goal was to move at a high intensity, but pace / rest enough so that your rounds are consistent times.  I did pretty well:

  1. 2:02
  2. 1:59
  3. 1:54
  4. 1:59
  5. 2:00

Just doing 1/2 step forward on the ring rows is a game changer!  I had to break them up into sets of 8 and 7.

And onto the celebrations of my friends.   Three of my fellow Lady Craic Heads went down to CT to participate in the Crossfit North Haven Master’s Challenge and killed it!  For Ann (far left), she got 3rd place!  Beth (middle) participated in her first ever competition and PR’d her Snatch!  Susan (far right) is a rock star and got 2nd in her division.  These ladies are so inspiring.  My friend Nicole B. at the gym and I have decided that we’ve set our goal – to participate in the Masters in 5 years, so we can be just like these women!

L-R Ann, Beth, Susan

L-R Ann, Beth, Susan

But that’s not all!  My friend, Susie Diesel (1/2 of the power couple I call the Durochers) was the first woman in our gym to get 30 muscle-ups for time.  This is such a significant achievement.  Here’s a video of her last two muscle-ups.  You can see that Johnny D was there to cheer her on!  Her time?  13:41.  Yes!

And then, my girl, Leila (who, as a side does killer hair at Station 8 in Jamaica Plain) – who has been busting her ass to get her first dead hang pull-up got it!  It happened yesterday (damn it, a rest day for me!) but I was so happy when I saw her little drawing on the achievements white board that she got it!  She drew a little picture because normally she’s SO BAD about celebrating her achievements on the board and knew I would enjoy the picture.  Here’s Leila and her achievement image:

photo 3 (3)

Such a great week to celebrate some amazing women that I have the privilege of knowing and working out with at Craic!


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