Judging and an EMOM

Went into Craic on Sunday, had texted with Jarrod the previous night to figure out a plan.  Plan sort of fell apart.  Was going to go in, do 10 minutes on the airdyne, then do some dumbell work (bicep curls, skull crushers, external rotator), and then end with 10 more minutes on the airdyne.  I socialized for a decent amount and then some people needed judging for 13.1, so I opted to do that in hopes to rack up some judging credit for Regionals.  Spent most of the morning watching my pal Gienah PR her ass off (she PR’d her clean and jerk, clean, and got her first bar muscle up) and judging.  I managed to get 7 minutes on the airdyne, bicep curls (3 sets at increasing weight), skull crushers (3 sets at increasing weight)…and that’s about it.

John McEvoy got some awesome pics that have me in them from Saturday’s judging session.

Susie Diesel and her burpees

Susie Diesel and her burpees

Judging Ed

Judging Ed


I went home and judged a couple of videos.  My cat Hobo decided to help me.  He got really into it 🙂

Judge Hobo

Judge Hobo

My last judging session of the day on Sunday was Johnny D.  He was re-doing 13.1 because he had a really crappy showing of it earlier in the week.  He literally got off an airplane from Chicago and rushed into the gym to do 13.1.  Gee, I wonder why it sucked so hard?  Anyway, I got to judge him for his 2nd attempt on Sunday and was really nervous for my friend.  He has been working so hard training this year and to get the results that he got on Friday…ugh.  My stomach was in knots.  But then the clock counted down and it was all business (while Susie and John and some others cheered / coached him on). He got to 165# and everyone was holding their breath.  He was way in front of pace from his Friday time…and then he snatches it up.  NO PROBLEM.  Yes!  And then another, and another…he managed to get 9 snatches at 165# for a final score of 159.  After the first workout, Johnny D is standing at 16th IN THE WORLD in his age division.  So awesome to see him accomplish that (and I even no-repped him three times!)  Here’s his overview of how that WOD went.

The masters competitors at Craic (and everyone else) did so effing fantastically this weekend. Can’t wait to see what the next four weeks bring for Team Craic.

Okay, and onto today’s workout.  I got up this morning (it SUCKED, daylight savings is a cruel mistress) and went back into Craic for a proper workout.  The first time back for almost a week after being sick is so hard.  It was a 21 minute EMOM:

  • Every 1st minute 3 squat cleans
  • Every 2nd minute 10 ring rows
  • Every 3rd minute 30 seconds air dyne

The Rx workout was 2nd minute muscle-ups or dead hang pull-ups and the 3rd minute was 30 seconds max double unders.  Jarrod wanted me to do the airdyne instead.  Also, I want to recap a conversation that Jarrod and I had this morning about weight.

Christina: What are you thinking I should do for weight?

Jarrod: How about 95?  Lift heavy, yo!

Christina: I was thinking 95 as well, but do you think that will be too much for me considering I’ve been sick?

Jarrod: Yea, that’s a good point.  Hmmmm.  Why don’t you lift…95?

So I’m unclear if that was because he was tired and forgot he originally said 95 (it was early in the morning) or he knew I could do 95# for this workout.  Either way, it was the right decision.  It was definitely heavy, but I could manage it.  I did 1.5 step back ring rows and medium pace on the airdyne.  Not a ton to say about the workout, other than it was a great pace for my first workout back.  Definitely took it easier (I probably would have gone heavier than 95, had I not been sick), one steps on the ring rows, and faster on the airdyne … but I think it was the right way to do it.  I don’t want to relapse!


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