Judging and a Firehouse

This weekend I was really focused on getting some judging sessions in.  I missed last week (only got to judge Ann) due to being in Dallas.  I basically judged all weekend.  A lot of people PR’d this workout and I was really happy with them.  13.3 is an easy workout to get no repped on, and I’m pretty sure that every athlete that did 13.3 got no repped at least once.  Some people had trouble getting to depth, but the biggest problem for most was hitting the target properly.  I judged this one guy, Dave twice this weekend.  He came in Friday and got the same exact score he got last year on 12.4. He had a loose plan, but just couldn’t get that muscle up.  I was judging some people at Craic today and in walks Dave, determined to get at least one muscle up.  On Friday, he was just too gassed to get one.   Today was different.  He had a concrete plan. 10 wall balls every 30 seconds.  He pretty much stuck to it and his pacing was great.  Finished the double unders and had a little over two minutes to do the muscle-ups.  Man, was he determined.  He failed the first one and I was a bit worried for him.  But then he got up!  It was awesome.  Everyone was so pumped for him.  Then he got a 2nd one!  Just proof what good planning can do for you going into a workout.

This morning, I got to Craic early to judge Stacy.  After I judged her, I went home and helped Niko assemble the latest addition to our Lego Modular City Set that he and I are working on.  The series started in 2007 and they come out with a new building once per year.  We have the Grand Emporium, Pet Shop/Apartment, and now the Fire Brigade complete.  We have the Town Hall and the Movie Theater to go.  We don’t have the earlier ones because we were a little late to the game and they go for like thousands of dollars on eBay.  We’re addicted to the series…but not that addicted! Later that morning, I went back into Craic to get some more judging in and got to judge 3-4 people.  It was a great weekend overall.  Niko and I went to a nice dinner for his birthday.

Have to go and finish packing.  Off to San Francisco tomorrow (let’s hope I don’t get sick!)

Lego Town...so far!

Lego Town…so far!

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