San Fran Filthy 50

I made it back from San Francisco and broke my streak of getting sick every time I visit the city!  I’m so excited!  I was there for Game Developer Conference, attending meetings, and also introducing the world to our game we had just announced, Infinite Crisis.  Check out the trailer for it below.  It’s kind of awesome and excited that we get to tell the world about it.  It’s a DC Comics MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and we got some amazing feedback while we were out there.  It delves into the multiverse, which means you can be Batman.  All of them!

L-R Nightmare Batman, Batman, Gaslight Batman

L-R Nightmare Batman, Batman, Gaslight Batman

I got one workout in while I was out there.    Lalanne Fitness (powered by Crossfit) was only .1 miles from my hotel, so I really had no excuse not to get there in the morning.  Unfortunately for me, the class that I was going to attend on Wednesday morning was slotted for the weekly Advanced Women’s Class, so I didn’t end up going that morning. I had originally planned to workout at 4PM on Wednesday afternoon, but I had a meeting come up on top of it, so I only got to workout on Tuesday morning.  Fortunately, I spent most of Wednesday running back and forth between meetings – so I got some good exercise in.  Anyway, the night before I was perusing the website the night before and saw that the workout was back squats and strength focused.  I was super excited to get a workout like this in, as a back squat is right in my wheelhouse.  Also, I wouldn’t really have to modify the crap out of the workout.  I walked confidently into the Crossfit and then I saw the workout on the board.  Turns out, it wasn’t the back squat strength workout.  This is what I saw on the board:

Yep, the WOD was the Filthy 50

Yep, the WOD was the Filthy 50

The Filthy Mother Effing 50.  I had only heard of this workout and was not at all mentally prepared for it.  I nearly turned around and walked back to the hotel, but didn’t (obviously!)  The coach was one who usually coaches the class that Johnny D goes to and his name was Aaron Morales.  As John told me, Aaron was  an awesome coach. He was super patient and helpful helping me figure out how to modify certain movements, and my Filthy 50 looked like this:

50 Box jump, 20 inch box (step-ups)
50 Jumping pull-ups (ring rows)
50 Kettlebell swings, 24# (all the 35# were taken by the men)
50 Walking Lunge
50 Knees to elbows (hollow rolls)
50 Push press, 35#
50 Back extensions (good mornings with 35# weighted bar)
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball (35# front squats)
50 Burpees
50 Double unders (100 single jumps)

Modified, but I believe just as challenging and intense as I would have expected.  I was making pretty good time until I got to the push press.  I had to break them up into sets of 10.  The burpees at the end were a cruel, cruel punishment and I had to break them up into sets of 5.  They seemed to last forever.  I finally got the the jump rope and did them in 40, 40, 20.  Final time was 31:52.  Overall, pretty happy with my first outing with the Filthy 50.  I was completely zonked by the time was done, but really happy that I was able to finish in a semi-respectable time.

Post Filthy 50

Post Filthy 50

So, the good news is – as mentioned above – I came back from San Francisco and didn’t get sick this time.  The bad news (yep, there is) – the wear and tear of wearing heels and running around San Francisco really pissed off my bad ankle.  As I was walking around SFO in my flat, feet friendly Dansko clogs, my ligaments in my ankle decided to just randomly give out and my ankle went out – forcing me to fall unexpectedly in the middle of the airport in front of a ton of people while walking on a flat surface.  The fall was epic, I would have laughed my ass off had I seen myself falling.  I immediately got up, ankle in a searing type of pain, and tried to walk it off like nothing happened.  It’s currently swollen and sprained, but I’m feeding it a good dose of Advil.  Since I’ve been plagued with ankle problems since the beginning of time, I think I’ll be back in fighting shape in a couple of days.   I wish that I had video of what happened, alas I don’t.  Yep, this Crossfitter apparently has trouble walking on flat surfaces 🙂

I ate some really good food while I was in San Francisco, including this butter poached lobster with some amazing foam stuff and cocoa dust (which I don’t remember what it was…)  I wanted to lick my plate after eating the main stuff.

Tasting Menu, Luce

Tasting Menu, Luce

In closing, I’d like to wish my husband, Niko, a happy belated birthday.  He’s the best!

Wasn't he adorable?

Wasn’t he adorable?

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