A Little Patience

gnr patience

That’s right, I’m quoting GnR to start this post.  Deal with it.

This weekend, I went in to Craic to get some more judging in for 13.4.  I was also going to do a modified version of 13.4 on Saturday, as that was the workout for the general classes.  In my head, I thought that the weight for the women was 75# and was excited to do this workout, as 75# is a totally manageable weight for me.  I went in, looked at the board, and saw that the weight Rx for women was 95#.  I have never done anything more than 75# overhead since my shoulder issues popped up.  While my training has been semi-inconsistent (is that a double negative?) I’ve been working hard strengthening my shoulders over the last couple of months.  Doing external rotations, bullet proof shoulders, listening to Jarrod about taking it easy on various workouts when I really don’t want to, etc.  So I decided to see how my shoulder would feel warming up and potentially attempt the 95# weight.  75# felt totally fine warming up, so I tried to go for 85#.  Also felt fine.  Went for the 95# and it actually felt pretty great.  Yes, it was going to get tiring, but it was definitely something that I felt comfortable doing and didn’t feel it would worsen my shoulder.  So I went for it.

Clock counted down and I started the workout.  I did sit-ups instead of toes to bar, as hanging / pulling motion for my shoulders still does tweak it a bit.  Did the first three unbroken, and then divided the next set into 2 sets of three.  (The sit-ups were unbroken).  Got to the round of 9 and the weight was beginning to feel heavy. I ended up breaking them up into 1’s – dropping it and then immediately picking it up.  It wasn’t quick, but I managed to keep an even pace.  Got through round of 12 and then got 2 more for a total of 62.  I am STOKED.  This means that I got over 30 reps at 95#, which means that next time Grace comes around, I should be able to go for a stellar time!  Shows that patience pays off.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t patience, it was more Jarrod telling me not to be stupid for months on end…but still.

I still have trouble hanging from the bar, kipping, catching, and snatching…but pushing the bar over my head is something that I can actually do now!  I need to be patient and know that eventually, the other stuff will come (including my ankle issues and wrist issues).

patienceJudging was great.  Good to see everyone giving all they had, mixed results.  John McEvoy, re-tried 13.4, hoping to get at least 1o0 reps this time.  His last round was a sight to watch.  With 40 seconds left, something in his brain just clicked and he was stringing together the clean and jerks like nobody’s business.  It was an amazing thing to judge and witness.  His final score was 103.  A lot of others killed it this weekend, while some were left with results that they personally were disappointed in. I wasn’t disappointed in watching anyone, as they were all giving 100% and that’s inspiration to me.


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