How Much Do You Want It?

So Jarrod forwarded me this hour long video of a day in the life of a body builder – which did, well, folow a day in the life of body builder named Kai Green.  While I’m not out to be a professional body builder, the message of the video was clear – if you want something bad enough, and are willing to work for it…it will happen.  Before you read on, this is a pic that John McEvoy took of Jarrod post 13.3.  It’s one of my most fave pics…EVER.

Dizzle and Leif

Dizzle and Leif

One of the best quotes from Kai is in reference to the role and work that YOU are responsible for in achieving YOUR goals:

“This is the work that will produce the desired end result.  Being able to climb in the trenches now, when it’s not convenient, not comfortable.  There is a certain amount of work that we really have to take on ourselves and not expect someone to do for you.  The best coaches, the best supplements, the best company… the best product you can ever have available to you will be of little resource to you if you’re not able to do what work is required of you when it’s time to do it.” 

So simple, so true.  I loved it so much that I watched it over and over again and wrote it down so I could share it with you.

 The next No Bread challenge is starting towards the end of April, and this time they have different divisions.  The division that I’m competing in is the Leaning Out Division, which is described as: “This is the intermediate group.  You can feel your six-pack just beneath some extra fat.  You know you are close.  You may have been through a NO BREAD challenge already.  Chances are you Know what you should and shouldn’t be eating you just need a solid 50 days of discipline to get the results you know you’re capable of.”  Time to put the work in and get closer to my weight loss goals!

Now onto today’s workout.  It’s one of those buggers that sneak up on you.  Strength workout:

A1) Back Squat
RX- 5×5 – same weight
INT- 5×10 – same weight
BEG- 5×15 – same weight

A2) Pick a movement you are currently working on and do 3-10 reps at it.
Options are:
muscle-ups, HSPU, Pullups, pushups, Double Unders, Toes to Bar

I did INT level, as my 1RM is less than 1.5 of my body weight and chose to work on push-ups the legit way for A2.  I got to workout with my friend Lauren (who, along with Gienah and Jayme) got her first muscle-up over the weekend!  I hate trying to figure out what the weight was, and unlike past workouts, Jarrod (who was coaching this morning) advised us to try to use the same weight through all of the rounds vs. increase weight each round.  I looked back at some workouts to figure out what to do for weights.  10 reps at a heavy load is hard!  Checked out a workout I did on 12/13/12, which was 7×7 back squats.  I ended up doing 145# for that, so I thought that would be a good weight to do for this workout.  That turned out to be just enough 🙂  For each set, reps 8,9, and 10 were brutal.  But I used my handy knee sleeves and there was no wear and tear on my knees!  Really happy with that weight, looking back to September, we did the 5×5 benchmark and I was only able to do 125#.  5×10 at 145# is a big jump!  20# more and double the reps!

Going to try my best to stay on track until I leave for vacation in Rome.  In closing of this post, here are some awesome pics that John took while I was judging 13.4 and 13.3.

Jay Condrick photo by John McEvoy

Jay Condrick photo by John McEvoy

Jacob "Grumpy Cat" Burrows

Jacob “Grumpy Cat” Burrows photo by John McEvoy

Jay Condrick photo by John McEvoy

Jay Condrick

Ben Follen

Ben Follen photo by John McEvoy

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