Happy birthday, Grumpy Cat!

Yesterday was Grumpy Cat’s birthday!  I love her.  Happy birthday, Grumpy Cat!

Had some health issues going on earlier this week, so while I felt renewed after the back squat work out on Monday, I was sidelined for a few days.  Got the all clear to get back to working out yesterday, but decided to sleep in and go to the evening class. The workout was in prep for the Opens workout 13.5 – which I’m dubbing a FRAN-RAP to the death.

Craic’s prep workout was:

3 x of 3 Rounds For time with 1:00 rest in between

  • 5 Thrusters (65#)
  • 5 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Obvious to anyone that follows this blog, I was not about to be attempting chest to bar pull-ups. I knew I was going to do ring rows.  The question was thrusters.  Even when my shoulder was in tip-top shape, I haven’t done more than 55#.  65#  (the ladies Rx weight) made me really nervous.  I emailed my workout hotline (aka Jarrod Dizzle Davis) to get his advice.  Since I did 95# in 13.4, Jarrod felt that I could do the Rx weight for 13.5 of 65# no problem for the thrusters.

I told him that I was going to the night class and he let me know that he was coaching that night.  I made him this in response.  When I made it, I didn’t even know it was Grumpy Cat’s birthday!


So went into Craic and Jarrod told me to warm up my shoulders.  I told him that I was still super nervous about doing 65# and he told me to warm up and see how I felt.  We went through the class warm-up and I used the 45# bar with no problems.  All the squatting I’ve been doing for the last 4 months was definitely coming into play here.  Tried 55#, no problem.  Went for 65# and no shoulder pain.  It felt really, really heavy…but no shoulder pain.

Moved through it pretty decently.  The thrusters got a bit heavy and the last set of each round and I did one step back ring rows which got difficult as well (Jarrod yelled at me not to use my hips to get me up). I finished in 7:36 (5:36 total with the two minutes taken out of the mix).  Each round broke down like this:

  • 1:35
  • 1:56
  • 2:04

As I lay on the floor, Jarrod said “You should have gone heavier if you finished that fast” and looked all judge-y at my bar.  Then he realized that I did the Rx weight. “Oh, you did go 65#.  Nice job!”    Apparently the morning classes were coached by Glen and he gave an epic story time complete with pictures on the white board for his class.  Yep, should have gone to the 6:30AM 😉

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