Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and a missed Alarm

Went to Craic both days this weekend and didn’t really get a lot of working out in.  Mainly went in to get some judging credit and then had a ton to do getting ready for our trip to Italy.

Inspiring to watch my friends at Craic finish strong and finish the Opens.  All of them had some firsts, some PR’s, and pushed themselves a little further than they thought they could.  I hope that I will be rehabbed and healthy enough to be able to participate next year.  Also, I personally know four people who made it into the Games and I’m so incredibly happy for them!  Elaine Polito, Annie Michel, Brian Curley, and Paul Teehan – woohoo and congrats!

Craic heads warming up for 13.5

Craic heads warming up for 13.5

Diesel and Johnny D closing out the opens

Diesel and Johnny D closing out the opens

Did some mobility yesterday (I have this huge kink in my left lower back) and my shoulders needed some love from a lacrosse ball.  After, did a dumb bell rotation (bicep curls and skull crushers) and some external rotations.  Nothing major.  Went home, did a bunch of chores, played the amazing Bioshock Infinite, and got ready to watch Mad Men and Game of Thrones.  They are two of the few shows that Niko and I actually agree upon.  I made this Game of Thrones sigil for represent our house:



Stayed up pretty late watching both shows.  Laid out my clothes for today’s workout…and forgot to set my alarm.  Instead of working out at 6:30AM, I looked something like this:





It was a back squat workout, which is my kind of workout.  Alas, it didn’t happen for me today.  I’m way off track with my training.  Ugh.  My own fault.  No excuses.  Going to hit it hard when we get back from Italy.  No Bread 5.0 and back to 3 days on, 1 day off.  I think I have a small break from travel so it will help me get back into a routine.

I realize today is a lot of pictures.  I think it’s to compensate for my non-workout report. 🙂


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