Spring means running!

Set my alarm as soon as I got up into the bedroom in order to ensure that I would make it into Craic this morning. Been feeling a bit rundown and lackluster these last couple of days, and just correlated it to my dumping coffee from my diet (I know, sacrilegious!)  I’m trying to cut out food that could exacerbate heartburn / acid reflux and coffee is a huge culprit. We’ll see if this lasts while I’m in Italy 🙂

Anyway, alarm went off as predicted and got up and headed into the gym. The workout, as written was:

5 Rounds for Time

  • Run 400m
  • 15 dumb bell push press (you pick the weight)
  • 15 KB swings (35#)

I talked to John and asked him if I could run 200m instead of 400m, as since my ankle sprain and issues, I thought I’d try running, but thought that 400m might be too much impact.  He said that was fine.

Ran the first 200m and the run felt decent.  Had a bit of pain in my ankle and foot, but kept on pushing.  Got back and broke up the push press into 10 reps and 5 reps (and 8/7 for the last set).  Did this for all five sets.  Did the first two rounds of KB unbroken, but had to break them up in 10 and 5 at the end.  My upper arms were getting fatigued fast on the KB swings.

Overall, good workout.  I should have potentially done an extra round because I cut the run in half.  Final time: 13:59.



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