Judging and Some Snatch Work

So this video I’m about to post has nothing to do with Crossfit, but it’s really embarrassing for this dog and I felt compelled to share:

Anyway, some good news to share. As mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve been judging like a crazy woman at Craic to get credit and standing in order to judge at the Northeast Regionals  this year.  I knew I would be stoked if I actually got selected to judge, but also I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t get in this year – as I went to the Regionals last year and it was blast to just watch the competition and cheer people on (and that would afford me more free time and flexibility over the weekend).  But I got the email yesterday and I was accepted as a judge at the Northeast Regionals!  I’m super excited and nervous all at the same time.  While I take judging seriously all the time, this is on such a larger stage!  I’ll be sure to blog about my experience when they come around (in May).

Today went in for the workout and Glen was coaching.  Sometimes when I’m in a class, one of the coaches will say the littlest thing and it makes things just click!  This morning before the workout, we did some snatch skill work.  I opted to use the PVC pipe since snatches are a little tricky for me and Glen took us through.  We were working on the hang power snatch and instead of the usual cues like “Bend your knees” Glen said “Slide your knees forward” and something just clicked about my initial dip before the lift.  Loved that cue.

After the skill work, we had 20 minutes to get to a heavy 3 reps of hang power snatch.  I opted to do hang power cleans instead to not aggravate my shoulder.  I managed to get to 105# but when I went to 110#, I failed twice on the third rep.  Blargh.  Frustrating.  Glen said my first two reps looked good, I guess I just didn’t have it in me for the third.  Oh well, another day!

Then we did 5 rounds for time of (with my revisions):

  • 5 deadlifts with snatch grip clean grip
  • 7 hang power snatch cleans
  • 9 burpees

Rx weight was 55#.  Since I was doing hang power cleans, I did 65#. The first set was a breeze, I was able to do everything (yes, including the burpees!) unbroken.   Then second set the deads and the cleans were unbroken but I had to break up the burpees.  The third round is when things started going off the rails and I had to break up the cleans and the burpees.  The fourth round was a mess, the burpees were really slow and it took me a little too long to start that fifth round.  I had to break up the cleans into 4 and 3, but I managed to do all the burpees unbroken for the last set.  Final time was 8:11.


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