NB 5.0 Test Workout #1

So we are going to have a series of three benchmark / test workouts for the No Bread Challenge.  Today’s was the first workout was, what I thought, a nice re-entry into Crossfit given I had just taken the week off.

The test was:

A) 20 Minutes to get 1RM power clean

B) AMRAP 8 90% of part A weight power cleans

My squat clean 1RM is 135# and my power clean is 125#, so I went in hoping to get at least 125#.  I was, and still am, a bit jetlagged, so this post will be short as my capacity to put thoughts down coherently is diminishing by each letter I type.  It went like this:

95, 115, 125, 130 (my fifth attempt), 135 FAIL

I was happy with 130, and even though it took me 5 attempts, I was oddly calm.  While it was frustrating in the moment to fail, I knew that I could only get better over the next 50 days.

I did the maths wrong and ended up doing 120 for part B.  I was aiming for 16-20 reps.  Turns out, this was not in the cards today.  I got the first two reps and then failed and failed and failed.  In the entire 8 minutes, I got 5 reps and even on them, my form was crap.

I scheduled a session with John for this weekend to do a little more direct work on my form.

Yesterday’s NO BREAD Eats:

AM – Egg scramble with kebab leftovers and avocado

MID – Vegetable mix from salad bar at Whole Foods

PM – Chartucerie plate (sans bread), pork loin wrapped in pork belly, ramps

Today, I started breakfast off with some good ol’ bacon!

photo (3)



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