No Bread 5.0, Test 2

Today’s test was a running test, and the alternative was rowing.  I couldn’t really do either because the amount of impact on my ankle / foot for both ankles was not really great at a long distance and my wrist gets all effed up after about 750 meters. For the regular peeps, the running test was run 3K for time and if you can’t run, row 2K for time.  I was thinking that I might run, just slow and even wore my running shoes to Craic – but I wanted to be smart  and not  “ease” back into running by just going out there and running 3K meters!  In addition, my wrist / grip issues aren’t so great, so rowing 2K didn’t seem like a treat either.  Airdyne it was!

I went to the track with my fellow 6:30AM classmates and cheered them on.  To test a bit, I did the 400m warm up with the group, but my right ankle felt like something was cracking and snapping a bit.  So without a doubt, it was the airdyne for me. After discussing with John, he told me to do 15 minutes on the airdyne for calories.  I hate the airdyne.  Pedaling to nowhere.  I ended up getting 156 calories and it was rough.  Not going to say I’m looking forward re-testing this one, but it will be great to see how I progress over these next 50 days or so.

Taking Tuesday and Thursday off this week because John suggested we do so – so that we are primed for all the tests.



AM: Kids banana / apple slurper (pre-workout), bacon, eggs

MID: Salad w/chicken salad, veggie mix, bacon

PM: Sausages, avocado, almond crusted pork chops, unsweetened appple sauce

Snack: Handful almonds


AM: bacon, eggs

MID: salad, lots of veggies and chicken salad

PM: pork chop, salad greens with balsamic, avocado

Snack: bell peppers, almonds, taro chips, mixed nuts

I’ve been trying to drink a ton of water.  As Thug Kitchen will tell you:



I’m already starting to see some numbers go down on the scale, showing that this stuff actually works.  Still dedicated to pushing pretty hard during this challenge.  The one major thing I’m struggling with is mindless snacking.  I’m trying to just chew gum more and distract myself that way.  And also fill my tummy with water, lots of free fucking water.



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