No Bread 5.0 Test Three

Jackie.  I hate her almost, maybe more, than Fran.  I think I hate her because of the Craic modification at the end.  This was the last test of the No Bread Challenge.  Jackie, as RX is:

  • 1000m row
  • 50 thrusters at 45#
  • 30 pull-ups

I substituted the AD for the row.  I did 50 calories.  The thrusters I did as Rx and the coaches advised that if you couldn’t do 30 pull-ups you had to substitute BURPEES in for the pull-ups.  Burpees.  After doing the Air Dyne and 50 thrusters.  Ugh.  My pal Rob said at the end of the workout that he would rather do two pull-ups than one burpee.  I agree.  14 minute time cap. (And to be clear, I’d like to be able to do just one pull-up 😉 )

I find for these type of workouts (chippers) it’s easy to, well, chip away at them.  The AD took me a bit longer than I thought it would.  I talked to Glen and John ahead of time to figure out how many calories I was doing to bike for, and initially we thought 60 would be a good number.  But I believe that the airdynes (there are two of them in the gym) might be calibrated a bit off.  Who knows?  John said that if I was at 50 cals at 3:30 I should just go to 50 cals.  So, I was at 3:30 and I was at 40 cals.  I ended up going to 50 cals and it took me 4:23.  Got off the airdyne and I had planned to do 10 rounds of 5 thrusters.  This turned out to be a good strategy, as I was able to break it down into little sets with just a little bit of rest.   I think when I do it next time, I might try to do the first round or two at 10 thrusters.  I then broke up the burpees into rounds of 5.  I really need to build up my stamina.  Blargh.  My goal was to finish under the time cap, at 12:54.

And I’m not sure if I posted this video before, but it’s how to exercise with cats.  I would have no-repped him on the squats, but it’s still very informative if you have cats and need to exercise with them.

Have a session with John McEvoy tomorrow with the focus on form for my lifts.  After the struggles I had earlier this week, I definitely need it.  He’s probably one of the best lifting coaches around, so I’m fortunate he’s the owner of my gym 🙂

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