A Bit Behind

Yikes.  This is probably the longest that I’ve gone without blogging.  I’ve been swamped at work and feeling lazy over the weekend.  Lots to catch up on, well, not lots.  But stuffs.

I rested on Friday and Saturday.  Friday I had PT, so I did put some work in rehabbing my shoulders, but no Crossfit work.  Saturday, the gym did Murph and I sat out this year.  Sunday, I went to Rita’s kettlebell class and we did a workout that she called “Double Trouble”.  On paper, it looked like it was a good workout, but not too grueling.  When I think that…it usually spells trouble!


“Double Trouble” KB Complex- all are performed with double bells
:30sec time cap to complete
2 Russian Swings
2 Swinging Cleans
2 Snatch
2 Front Squat
1:00 Rest
repeat in 3’s, :45sec time cap, rest 1:30
repeat in 4’s, 1:00 time cap, rest 2:00
repeat in 5’s, 1:30 time cap, rest 3:00

*then repeat entire thing for time without rest.

I did the first part with the 35# kettle bell and substituted more cleans for the snatches.  Got under the time cap every time.  The 2nd round (the one with no rest) it became a grip game.  I only had to drop the KB once, but after my left wrist was all swollen and while most of the class went another round (for fun) I opted to stop.  Great workout.  Rita is a great KB coach.

Then, Monday (Memorial Day), Niko and I decided to go to the gym for open gym to work on form and mobility.  Some people were organizing a 20 minute EMOM outside and we decided to do it with them.  I did 5 power cleans @85 on the even minutes and 10 KB swings with the 35# on the odd minutes.  About 4 minutes in I regretted the decision (I was feeling a bit lazy) – but plugged through and ended up getting a good workout in.

Tuesday was cleans.  It was 15 minutes to build to a 1RM and then 2 AMRAP 4 (with 4 minute rest in between) of power cleans at 90% of the weight of the 1RM you did.  I told myself that I was only going to do it until my shoulder hurt…turns out…my shoulder didn’t start hurting.  I went 75, 95, 115, 125, 135 (PR!), 140 (PR!), 145 (FAIL).  I only had a chance to try the 145 once because I ran out of time.  I was pleasantly surprised that I got to 140.  Test week next week should be interesting.  The AMRAPs were kind of messy for me.  I only got 6 good reps at 125 the first one and 7 the second one.  I started deadlifting the bar, then putting it back on the ground and then picking it up and cleaning it.  John (who was coaching that day) called me out and told me to stop doing it because I would develop a bad habit.  I was doing it because I just wanted to tell myself that I could lift the weight before I actually did.  But I stopped. Hoping that I don’t do as shitty on the AMRAPs for testing.

Today’s workout I went to the 7:30PM class. I had an all day meeting at work and couldn’t get in this morning.  Last night they posted the workout and it was run 1 mile, rest 5 minutes, run 1 mile, rest 5 minutes, run 1 mile.  I wanted to skip out so bad, but knew I was destined for the airdyne.  While at work this morning, I checked the workout again to see if other people modified it.  Then I saw Anne D. say something about “snatchy-poos” on the Craic site comments.  I scrolled up and they had changed the workout.  Instead it was 3-3-3-3-3 (sets of three at increasing weight) of hang squat snatches and then an AMRAP 10 of 10 KB swings, 10 OHS, and 20 double unders.  Awesome! I modified the snatch and did hang squat cleans.  For the AMRAP, I did the swings, 10 front squats at 75#, and 40 single unders at an even rate.  I initially took out the 44# KB, but heard Jarrod in my head telling me to do the 53#.  So I grabbed it and decided to use it for my workout.  For the squat cleans, I was able to get up to 125# no problemo – so I was pretty happy with that.  It bothers me to lower the weight under control, so I had to drop it every time, deadlift it, pause, and then hang clean it.  A little extra work – but happy that I was able to string 125# together three times.   The AMRAP started and the first round felt great.  I flew through.  The second round, my lower back started cramping.  The third round I became a hot mess.  I was able to do all the KB swings unbroken but got to the FS and my lower back killed me.  Started seizing up and cramping.  It hurt to even just stand.  I broke up the FS in sets of 5 and 5.  Got to begin the fourth round and the KB swing I had to break up into 4 and 6.  I got to the FS and my back was in terrible shape.  I did 2 FS and I could barely stand.  Pete (today’s coach) called out one minute left and I just stood there for 45 seconds hoping my back would stop cramping.  At the 9:45 mark, I wanted to try to get one to two in before time.  I got one in and then my back was having none of it.  Disappointing, but it happens.  I remembered that Ben had me stretch my hammies after this happened the last time and stretched them out really good.  Overall, great class.  It was my first class in the entire time I’ve been at Craic that Pete coached!  He was awesome.

Tomorrow is a rest day.  I have PT in the morning and then I’m off to the One Fund concert tomorrow night.




Frustrating Start to the Day

Went to workout this morning and it was 3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1 at increasing weight, hang power cleans.  The one lift I can do.  Sort of.  When I was working up to a heavy clean a couple of weeks ago with Jarrod, as it got heavier, I had some problems with my shoulder putting down the weight and even going up into the rack position.  Jarrod remembered this and told me to take it easy today, even though I really wanted to go heavier.  In the warm-up, I felt the shoulder acting up, but then I tried a few more reps and I was fine.  It only hurt when I put down the weight back to the hang position under control.  Jarrod suggested that for this workout, I just drop the weight between reps and it felt pretty good…until I got to about 100# and I felt a pinch in my shoulder.  Time to stop upping the weight.  I dropped back down to 95 and just worked on form.  A little frustrating, as with these shoulder issues, the clean was the one lift I could do.  I guess I can still do it, I just can’t work to a heavy weight.

Then we did a little AMRAP 7.  As written, it was 15 double unders, 10 kettle bell swings, 5 handstand push-ups.  Since I did the KB swings yesterday, I modified the workout as follows: 30 single-unders at a steady pace, 10 bicep curls @25#, 5 goblet squats @53#.  Final score was 4+26.

Then I went to the doctors.  It’s my Endocrinologist, who’s tasked with managing my diabetes stuff. Good news is that my A1C is down!  Bad news is, and the most frustrating news, is that I’ve actually gained weight.  I am so confused by this and extremely frustrated.  I want to cry when I saw the scale.  When I talked to the doctor about it, she said that it’s likely because of the change in medication that I did right before the challenge started.  We’re trying to find the right mix of medication because I had some weird sugar issues (she calls is paradoxical sugar rises) – meaning that when normal people workout, their blood sugar levels drop.  However, when I workout, mine actually rise.  Fun, fun, fun.  Today, we did another adjustment / change to my prescription regimen.    We’ll see how this all works out these next couple of weeks.  So, there it is.  Niko swears that I’ve slimmed down visibly, so maybe I have just been putting on muscle weight at the same rate I’m losing fat weight.  Just having a hard time seeing through the fog this morning.  WOMP WOMP.







Judging and More Respect for Dave Castro

As mentioned in my post the other day judging at Regionals, I really felt that the head judges (Dave Osorio, EC Synkowski, Eric O’Conner, Todd Widman, Keith Wittenstein, and Jesse Cook) had our backs the entire time.  If there were any issues at all, they were right there, supporting us and helping us in any way we could.  When you’re a judge, you kind of have to take all emotion out of what you’re doing and focus on good reps and bad reps (oh, and a decent amount of counting as well!)  Sometimes, things get difficult for the athletes and they react in all sorts of manners.  They are out there, giving it everything they can and sometimes hearing and seeing a “No rep” can be devastating.  I understand things get emotional and don’t take things personally.

Having said this, this dude (Ryan Fisher), in the video below, was totally bouncing some of his deadlifts and from the video, deserved every no rep he got.  When the judge no repped him, he handled it like an ass, even going so far as to tell his judge “I will fucking kill you.”  He then ignored his judge and wouldn’t sign his sheet (even though he wasn’t appealing).  One of the head judges had to come over and force him to do so and had to tell him to shake his judges hand.  The athletes were clearly told that no bouncing of the deadlifts were allowed and if they did, they would get no repped.  They were also told that if there was any bending of the arms in the deadlift, they would be no repped. So, Ryan Fisher knew the standards and didn’t achieve them. I get that athletes get upset during workouts and like I’ve said before, I’ve judged people and had them be less than nice to me after the workout. Not a big deal. But when an athlete actually threatens the life of a judge. I think that’s just too far.

Okay, you’ve seen the video above, and now look at Dave Castro’s response in the athlete briefing following.  This just reinforces why I felt supported all weekend during the North East Regionals.  I love this. The only thing I’m a bit conflicted about is whether or not he should have DQ’d him from the competition, as it was a clear violation of the rules.

Kelly, Not So Much.

Yesterday, Annie Michel posted a great blog post about owning your choices.  The main message:

We all need to own our choices.  
Do bad things happen? Yes.  
Can all bad things be avoided? No, not always. 
People can make all the right choices for themselves and still get sick, be in accidents, have setbacks. Ultimately, being responsible for the climb out of the ‘setback’ is choosing to fight for one’s health, even if it’s in a ‘new normal’ state, as opposed to just giving into it and expecting everyone else to be responsible for it.
But to repeat what everyone should have heard a zillion times, all we really have is our health. If we don’t choose to be responsible for our health because we are afraid of changing what we know, what we are comfortable with, what might be hard work, then just know that those are your choices.
Own them.

As I’ve documented here, I have a lot of injuries that I’m working through.  Most of the injuries are a result of my pre-Crossfit life, and it’s all just finally catching up to me in my mid-thirties.  Lucky me.  For the past 8 months, it’s rare that I do a workout where I haven’t had to modify it.  Last night and I checked the workout and it was the benchmark, Kelly.  I guess I’ve become pretty good at modifying workouts, so I had in my head exactly what I was going to do before I went to bed.  I couldn’t do the wall balls because I can’t do overhead.  My ankles are still bothering me, so I knew I wasn’t going to do the entire run.  My shoulder has been bothering me for the last couple of days, and yesterday I had PT in the morning and massage with Nichole later that night.  It was all good work, but my shoulder was really fatigued from all the work done on and with it.  I went to bed, full of excuses and  unsure if I was going to go and workout today.  And then I woke up this morning and turned off the alarm and rolled back over.  Then Annie’s blog post started playing in my head.  I needed to make the right choice for myself as I deal with my “setbacks.”  Needless to say, I got out of bed and got my ass into Craic.  Annie’s post came at the perfect time for me.

I shortened the runs to 200m, did 30 step-ups instead of box jumps (started on the 24″ box, but ultimately had to do the 20″), and did the 30 kettle bell swings with the 44# instead of wallballs.  There was a 35 minute time cap on the workout.  BRUTAL.  My ankle and calfs killed me on the run.  I did the first round and a half with the 24″ box but it was killing my calves and ultimately I had to puss out and move to the 20″ box if I had a chance of finishing underneath the cap.  The kettle bells were really hurting my lower back, I had Jarrod take a look at my technique and he said it looked good.  Need to figure out what adjustments need to be made to take the stress off the low back.  Really pushed the last round and finished just under the cap at 34:36.  While the workout was a grueling one, I’m so glad that I chose to get out of bed this morning and get into Craic.

Another friend posted something else I needed today (thanks, Judy M!).  It’s been a frustrating challenge to say the least.   I’ve been pretty strict about staying No Bread throughout this challenge, and I feel that I’ve been putting in the work…I don’t feel that I’m seeing results.  I had Niko hide the scale a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t feel like I’ve lost a significant amount of weight or fat.  I’m not going to be able to go the whole way without weighing myself, as I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and this will let me know what kind of physical progress I’ve made a little over half-way through the challenge.  While I complained about it in the first few weeks, I’ve stayed away from complaining these last couple, because, really…where will it get me? The only reason I’m really thinking about it today is because after the workout, Jarrod asked me how the challenge was going, and I just replied nonchalantly “fine” back to him.  But it wasn’t really the truth, so I decided to blog a bit about it today.  The truth is that I’m doing my part: I’m staying No Bread, I’m putting the work in at the gym, but my body, physically, doesn’t appear to be doing its part. It’s frustrating. That’s my truth right now, and I’m trying to be patient and remind myself that I’m changing for the better even if I can’t physically see the results…right now.


Oh, and I missed my girl Kelly today for the Kelly workout.  Today was her rest day.  I guess it wasn’t a Kelly day for me.


Deadlifts on a Muggy Monday

Went in on Monday evening to workout so I could get a workout in with Niko.  Turns out Gienah (the girl who has the legs and arms of my dreams) was working out there for the 7:30PM as well.  We ended up pairing up together to build to a heavy 3 reps (touch and go).  We started out doing a few sets at 135, and then went 165, 195, 215, and then 225.  My wrist is bad on my left hand and my grip started to give out.  Ben came by and said for the last set I was rounding just a tad – so something to look out for. Was great to workout with G.  Then we started the workout and I did sit-ups instead of burpees.  My PT told me to take a break from doing burpees, as it causes unstable impact or something like that.  I also can’t do shoulder to overhead or really anything above my shoulders.  Also, if I’m doing cleans and start to feel strains on my shoulders I need to just tread lightly with that.

Anyway, it was :30 deadlifts and then :30 sit-ups with 3:00 rest x5.  I was a little nervous about this since the disasterous deadlift workout last week.  I took the first set really slow and ended up with a round score of 25. I think I only did like 10 or 11 deadlifts.  Then, between rounds, Ben reminded everyone to “use (our) legs!” and something just clicked.  It was another one of those Oprah A-Ha Moments, where I used my legs and not my mid section to do the lift and miraculously, the lifts became so much easier and so much less stress on my low back.  It felt kind of awesome.  The weight I ended up doing for this portion was 145 (which is 1.5 pounds shy of the 65% we were supposed to do).

Also, I found this on the internets and thought it was hilarious.  I must admit, I’ve bought a few Puma shirts in my day solely because there are cats on them.

I think I may try this at home :)

I think I may try this at home 🙂

Also, Brian Spangle, the boss man this weekend at the LifeasRx tent came to Craic and got a WOD in.  I am also wearing my awesome new t-shirt.  I wish I didn’t look like such a hot mess (see headband placement and ps. I have no idea what’s going on with my hair) … but it was a photo taken when I was actually a hot mess. (See my awesome socks too!)

So my headband started to go up on my head.  I think it looks like a headband crown #lifeasrx

So my headband started to go up on my head. I think it looks like a headband crown #lifeasrx

Not working out today.  Had a PT appointment this morning and then I have an appointment this evening.  No time, but still getting some good recovery work in.  I love the muscle stim machine.  It’s awesome.  He also gives me the remote so I can control its intensity.  Crank that shit all the way up, yo!

All the stimulation I want!

All the stimulation I want!

2013 Crossfit North East Regionals Judging

I took a couple of days off before judging at the Regionals.  My shoulder was bugging and I just wanted to rest a bit before what I knew would be a physically taxing weekend.  Had the judging briefing and couldn’t have asked for a better head coach staff.  I think that it’s super important to have a supportive head judging staff to make sure that they have your back should ANYTHING go wrong.  It was EC Synkowski, Jesse Cook (he was the cat herder), Eric O’Conner, and Todd Widman.  I love them all and hope to do more events with them.

What a great weekend!  On Friday and Saturday, I was assigned to group A, lane 7.  I started the day judging two of the Team Jackie heats and one of the men’s heats for Jackie.  You can see a full list of all the team and individual workouts here if you want full explanations of what they were.  Team Jackie was a good way to kick off judging.  It’s a fairly easy one to judge and the workout was really straightforward.  1000 meter row, 50 thrusters, 30 pull-ups.  I judged two team heats.  The first team I judged finished right under the time cap and the second team, the female member struggled a ton on the thrusters and pull-ups and didn’t end up finishing her portion of the workout until about 13:30 (time cap was 15 minutes).  The male only got a portion of the row in before they called time.  I think that’s the hardest part about judging these major events.  You have to remain without emotion and just be a judge, holding the athletes up to standards – blocking everything out.  I really wanted to cheer her on and give her some coaching / encouragement … but you just can’t.  I was super relieved she fought through and finished the workout.  The next heat I got to judge was the male individual Jackie and I got Austin Malleolo.  He is an amazing athlete.  He did Jackie in a smoking 5:22 by doing his thrusters and his pull-ups unbroken.  He’s serious business during the workout, but the consummate athlete – always cheering his other heat mates on after he’s done and with a smile on his face.

Spent the afternoon judging events two and three for the female individuals and the teams.  Overhead squats and burpee muscle-ups.  The OHS had a lot of no reps on depth, but the weight the women were putting up was awe-inspiring.  The burpee muscle-ups were a bit more of a struggle for the women – but I got to judge one group where one of the women got her first two muscle-ups ever.  Love what competition brings out in people.

The next day, I had some stomach issues in the morning and didn’t feel it would be good for anyone if I was out on the floor for a 25 minute chipper.  I stood on the sidelines and watched people give it everything they could.  It was a nasty looking workout for both the teams and the individuals.  By the afternoon, I was feeling a ton better and managed to judge event 5.  Fast workout, fun to judge.  Tricky with the deadlifts and the box jumps.  All about opening up the hips, standing up fully on both accounts.  Since it’s so quick, you have to be right on top of the athletes.  I judged Amanda Goodman in her heat and she got 2nd place by 1 second.  Her problem was that she faltered on a box jump and that cost her the heat.

The third day was a crazy workout day.  I judged the team and women for event 6.  As a judge, we had to count the double unders and then roll as quick as we could under the partition before the athletes came coming our way.  The team workout was a ton of stuff to keep track of and lots of concentration required, possibly the hardest event I’ve judged but also the most fun!  The women’s heat was a bit easier to judge, and you can see a bit of me in this video below (of the heat).  I’m in lane 8, judging Stacey Kroon.

Went into the final workout of the day, rope climbs and cleans.  Judged different parts of this one, ropes, cleans, etc.  Then, the finals.  I got the opportunity to judge the finals of the Regionals for the team, men and women.  I was in lane 8,  judging the rope climbs.  The rope climbs are crazy because they go flying everywhere when the athletes are climbing them.  You have to watch your lane but also the lanes beside you to not get whipped by a rope.

What an experience.  Exhausting, a lot of hard work for a t-shirt, but for some reason, I love it and hope to go back next year.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Getting ready for Jackie!

Getting ready for Jackie!

Craic and Florian boys

Craic and Florian boys

Head Judge, the amazing Eric Widman

Head Judge, the amazing Eric Widman

#gunsandbeer #lifeasrx

#gunsandbeer #lifeasrx

Amanda Goodman, event 5 © CrossFit, Inc. 2013

Amanda Goodman, event 5 © CrossFit, Inc. 2013

Judges ready for ladies event 6 © CrossFit, Inc. 2013

Judges ready for ladies event 6 © CrossFit, Inc. 2013

Event 5 © CrossFit, Inc. 2013

Event 5 © CrossFit, Inc. 2013

Eric O'Conner, floor judge boss man

Eric O’Conner, floor judge boss man

All the weekend's winners!

All the weekend’s winners!

Had a couple of breaks throughout the days and I spent way too much money shopping in vendor village.  The LifeasRx tent turned into the Craic tent because Jarrod and company were all working there…and it’s just a fun place to be.  Love my new LifeasRx hat and headbands.


A little break and a Craic Montage

Tuesday I had some work done by Nichole on my shoulder and body.  She does amazing work.  The next day, I had my first day of physical therapy and the PT suggested that I take it easy on my shoulder for a week or (even movements like cleans and burpees) to just let it rest.  It’s pretty irritated with the tendinitis.  And then I had a dentist appointment early this morning and am resting up a bit for three days of judging at the Crossfit Regionals this weekend.  I’m still staying strict No Bread, so other than resting my body a bit – I’m not going off the reservation with my goals.

John put together an awesome Craic video montage, which I’m sharing below.  Read his post about his process putting these together.  I especially like that this one shows how failure is a part of the process and it’s actually shows a lot of failures of the coaches – which it’s nice to be reminded that they are human as well and struggle just like the rest of us.

Headed out tonight for the Judges Briefing and Volunteer Dinner at Reebok One. Getting super excited for the Regionals!

Deadlift Disaster

Went to the 7:30PM class with Niko.

It was 5-5-5-5-5 at increasing weight.  Clean pulls.  I ended up doing 95, 115, 135, 145, 165.  The heavier it got, the better I got at pulling fast at the top of the knee.

Then there was a metcon set:

1min to complete
10 Deadlift – you pick the weight
10 box jumps
rest 1min

I made the mistake of looking at the board of what the other women did and went out way too ambitious at 155#.  Sets 1-5 were fine, they got heavy, but I managed to get through them.  Then in set 6, my back cramped up and I couldn’t string two together.  I had to stop in the middle of the set and take 10 pounds off and I still couldn’t do it.  I was a hot mess.  Then for set 7, I managed (barely) to string all the deadlifts together at 145.  Set 8, I had to break them up into 5, 3, 2 and wasn’t able to finish my step-ups.  (I did the first set as box jumps, but the impact on my ankle wasn’t so nice…)

Overall, the workout was a disaster.  Luckily, Ben was the coach last night and he gave me some good stretches so I’m not as sore as I thought I was this morning.  I’ve not been sleeping well, so I didn’t go to class this morning.  Not really an excuse, that’s just what it is.




Mother’s Day

Me and my momma circa 1978

Me and my momma circa 1978

Got results from my latest MRI.  Was hoping that it wasn’t a tear, and turns out  it’s just tendinitis in my bicep and my rotator cuff.  No shoulder to over head for at least four weeks and PT for the next six weeks.  Really excited that it’s not a tear and focusing on recovery these next couple of months.

Got an early morning workout in with Jarrod yesterday.  Did a bunch of work on clean skill work, mostly footwork and getting under the bar.  Got up to 135 (off the small jerk boxes), but on a squat clean, not a power clean.  Then we went and did some 1 and 1/4 front squats.  Four sets of three at increasing weight. 115#, 125#, 145# and then 165#.  165 was hard, but I was able to get three done which was awesome as 165 is my current 1RM and I was able to bust out three of them.  I wanted to go for my 1RM after that, but Jarrod wouldn’t let me because he’s a jerk face.  Or he wouldn’t let me because I had just spend the past 50 minutes doing a bunch of squat cleans and heavy front squats… I don’t know.  Excited to go for my 1RM back squat and front squat.

After, did a quick 3 rounds.  30 seconds flutter kicks, 30 seconds superman hold, 30 seconds AD sprints.  90 second rest between rounds.    The core work was great, the airdyne sprints suck ass.  I managed to get 16 cals on the first two rounds and barely managed to squeak out 14 cals for the last round.   PAIN.

Last night I had a very restless sleep.  I had some anxiety dreams (I think in anticipation of judging the Regionals!)  The first dream was that I saw all my friends at Regionals and was socializing with them when I realized I missed check-in / judges briefing and then they wouldn’t let me judge.  The second was a twist on the dream I have a couple times a year where I’m in college and I’ve forgotten to register for any classes, thus missing out on the entire semester.  Anyway, didn’t get up for the 6:30am class – so I’m headed into the 7:30pm class tonight.  Feel the fear and do it anyway, right?