A Year in the Making…and an AMRAP 25

So, I’ve been sitting on this news, but big news here – I wanted to wait until after he completed his intro sessions with Coach Glen.  Niko, after over a year of me pestering him to do Crossfit, started last week!  His first group class is tonight and I’m really excited for him.  He also admitted that he liked it more than he thought he would!  We’ll see how his first month goes, but I think he’s going to stick with it!

Me and Niko on vacation in Italy

Me and Niko on vacation in Italy

I woke up this morning with a small head cold.  Initially when I went to bed, I thought it was allergies – but it’s definitely a head cold.  I contemplated staying in bed, but thought that today’s workout would help me sweat it out a bit. Today’s workout was definitely a slog.  Goal was pacing.  AMRAP 25.

  • 200m run
  • 10 wallballs
  • 200 row
  • 10 jumping air squats

I chatted with John briefly before, knowing that programming these next coming weeks are to help us get better at the things we tested in the beginning of the challenge.  So instead of running and rowing, I did the air dyne for both.  Jarrod suggested that I do 1 minute of AD each time I was on it.  Definitely all about pacing.  They didn’t want us laying on the floor dying.  On the AD, I went at a good pace, not too fast, not too slow.  I managed to do all the wall balls unbroken during the sets (except the first two sets, I caught it wrong and the ball fell).  The jumping air squats snuck up on my quads, but got through them okay.  Final score was 7+8 cals on the AD.

Jarrod hooked me up with some Life AsRx swag so I stuck two stickers in my office.  I also got to nifty headbands.  Super excited!  Gotta keep that hair out of my face.

Hopefully I’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep tonight.





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