Jerk Boxes and Back Squats on a Sunday

This weekend, my oldest friend in the world, Seth, came to visit and stay with us on Friday and Saturday.  It was great to see him.  We try to connect every couple of years.  He’s in the USCG and lives across the country from me.  He also has an awesome wife and kids, alas, they weren’t able to make this trip.  We ended taking an impromptu trip up to Boston for the Boston vs. New York Food Truck Throwdown.  This took every ounce of self control that I had, as there was definitely a lot of No Bread Non-Friendly eats that were very tempting.  I ended up going to Mei Mei Street Kitchen.  It’s owned / run by a colleague of mine’s wife.  I ended up getting a pate “ice cream” cone (it was a teeny, tiny cone – so a teeny, tiny cheat, but seriously, nothing to write home about) that was filled with liver pate (not actual ice cream).  And The Laney – which was pork tenderloin, fois gras and fried rice.  I ate all the protein in the dish and gave the rice to Niko 🙂  Other than the teeny ice cream cone (seriously, it wasn’t any bigger than half of my thumb) I managed to maintain self-control.  It was hard, and quite honestly, as it gets warmer all I want is some real ice cream!

Mei Mei Street Kitchen - pure deliciousness

Mei Mei Street Kitchen – pure deliciousness

Friends since 1978

Friends since 1978

After that, we decided to laze about the house and I spent most of Caturday evening snuggling with the kitties and watching television.

photo 3 (1)

Then, back to today, started back up with sessions with Jarrod.  My goals in working with him are definitely strength, form, and a little body building.

We started out on the low jerk boxes doing hang cleans.  Working on explosive hip movement, footwork, and getting under the bar. I’m definitely working really hard on doing my mental set-up before I start at the bar and just going to the bar and doing my lift.  Not over thinking the lift when I’m at the bar is definitely helping.  After a warm up and some skill work, we did a bunch of hang cleans from the box 3 good reps each.  Ended up doing 5 sets of three 55, 75, 95, 115, 135.  135 is a big number for me, as it’s my 1RM for both squat cleans and power cleans.  I didn’t think I could do it and failed the first rep.  After reminding me that I needed to have more explosive hip movements, I actually ended up busting out three of them and my third one felt amazing.  My footwork was definitely a lot better as well.  During the workout, as we do, we were making conversation and Jarrod was all “Oh, have you ever done 20 back squats before?  It’s a good benchmark.  When I did mine, I felt awful when it was done.”  To which I replied, “That sounds like a terrible workout.”  Then he asked how the KB swings went earlier in the week, to which I replied “I had some troubles keeping my form correct after the deads.  Definitely was feeling it in the lower back towards the end of the workout.”

So then we start taking the weights off the bar and Jarrod starts setting up the racks.  Okay, we’re going to work on back squats.  At least it’s not 20 reps. I start warming up with the bar, doing 5 back squats.  He puts on 105.  “So, you’re going to do 20 of these.”  Shit.  105 was relatively easy, except the last 5 which I had to push on.  I was definitely light headed when we were done.  Then we discuss the next weight and we decide that I’m going to try for 135.  20 reps in a row of 135.  1-5 went really smoothly and 5-10 got a bit harder.  I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to 20.  By the time I got t0 reps 14-16 I thought I was going to be toast.  But I got through those three reps and told myself that I only had three reps to go.  The last three were really hard, but I knew I could do it.  After I finished, I racked the weight and walked over to the wall and had it hold me up for a few minutes.  That shit was tough and I know my quads are going to be screaming at me tomorrow and Tuesday.  I thought we were done and going to work on mobility, but from the conversation I mentioned above, I’m sure you can guess what we did next.

Jarrod pulls out the 70# kettlebell and walks over to me.  As a side note, I’ve not done more than 44# before with the kettlebell.  So I tell him this and we do some skill work with the 53#.  I really have to learn how to just let the KB drop and not actually control the descent.  Rough.  As I’m working on the skill work, Jarrod walks over the pulls out the airdyne.  I’m not done for the day until I do 3 RFT with two minutes rest in between of 10 KB swings (Russian) and 10 calories on the AD.  Oh, and the workout was done with the 70# KB.  Yikes! Times ended up being 1:06, 1:01, :56. Happy that I knocked time off for each round and I got through it with the 70# KB!

Overall, great morning workout.  Couldn’t have asked for more.  I was really happy with the hang clean off the jerk boxes at 135#.  Gives me hope for the future.  When I got home, I rewarded myself with a delicious breakfast of a bacon / veggie scramble, bacon, and avocado.  Yummy in my belly!

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