Night Time Classes

This week, I have been going to the 7:30PM classes so I could go to a couple of classes with Niko.  It’s nice to go to classes with him and also see people that I don’t normally see.  But I miss my 6:30AM class and will go back next week. It’s nice to start the day with a workout.  Also, as we go into summer, the earlier classes are literally the “cooler” classes.

Monday was a clean workout.  20 minutes to build to the following complex: 2 deadlifts (with clean grip), 2 power cleans, 2 hang power cleans and then an AMRAP 10 of 3 power cleans and 6 burpees.  I had an MRI / MRA earlier in the day and my shoulder was a tad bit tender, so I did sit-ups instead of the burpees.  I wanted to take it easy because of the MRA in the morning (the injection wasn’t fun) I told myself I would only go to a weight that felt “right” instead of heavy.  Ended up going to 115.  Tried for 125, but after the first hang clean, it didn’t feel great – so I just dropped the weight and worked on form for the rest of the 20 minutes.  I also helped Niko learn the clean a bit as well, as he was new to the movement.  The AMRAP was relatively straight forward and I went with 95# for the workout.  The cleans were the easy part and the sit-ups sucked.  I forget how hard it is to catch your breath with sit-ups because you’re constantly collapsing your body.  Final score was 13+2.  It was awesome to workout with Niko for the first time at Craic.

We were going to go back on Tuesday together, but Niko ended up having a work emergency right before we were about to leave and couldn’t go.  It was a 20 minute EMOM.  Even minutes ring rows, odd minutes front squats.  I need to find something other than ring rows to work on  because they are getting a bit monotonous and not as challenging as I’d like them.  Watching Gienah, Katie, and Callahan do muscle-ups during the workout made me want to try to make my workout a bit more challenging.  I need to talk to Jarrod about that this weekend.  I also started with 95#, which I think was a bit too conservative.  I ended up bumping it up to 105# for the last 6 rounds of the front squats and probably could have gone heavier.  Overall, it was a good workout.  Definitely got a good sweat on (but that could be because it was close to 80 degrees yesterday).

On another note, I saw this kitty on the internet and I want it so bad.  It’s a wild cat called a sand cat and it lives in the desert.  So prosh!  It’s on the Near Threatened list, and has been since 2002.  Would be a shame if this type of kitty because extinct.



Also, I came across this AMAZING Tumblr on the internet and it kind of made my day.  I will be following it religiously.  Meow.


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