Recovery-ish Day

Normally, if I was cherry picking, last night’s workout would have been one that I skipped.  But Niko missed Tuesday, so I wanted to go to one more class with him last night.  I was going to use it as a recovery workout and substitute a bunch of stuff.  It was a 36 minute workout.  1 minute row, 1 minute run, 1 minute jump rope. I was going to airdyne instead of row and box step-ups instead of jumping rope.  My wrist was feeling a bit better, so I decided to try to see how rowing felt on my wrist and it actually felt good.

I’ve been experimenting with my wrist issues by not wearing my heavy metal watches anymore and seeing if that alleviates any of my symptoms.  My wrist is still not 100% better, but it’s starting to feel a little more stable.  So I decided to do the workout as prescribed and had back-ups just in case my ankle or wrist started bothering me.

I hate these types of workouts and 12 minutes in, I thought “Fuck!  Only 1/3 of the way through.”  It was brutal for me, but the exactly the workout I needed to do.  Coach Ben is our resident double under king, so he was giving me pointers for them as I tend to jump up really high and slam my feet into the ground – which hurts my ankle.  During the jump rope section, I just focused on keeping a steady single under jump (and jumping high).   Niko, on the other hand, loved the workout.  He and I are complete opposite when it comes to workouts we think are “fun.”

By the end of the workout, my calves were toast and when I went home, I decided to try to use my compression sleeves for my leg and they are magic.  My legs are so much less ache-y than they normally would be.  In fact, I’m wearing them under my jeans at work today.  I don’t think I’ll ever take them off.  Plus they are a fun fashion statement.


I am super excited that I got through a workout where I got to row and run. No more airdyne exclusively.  I’m going to ease into the distances (I’m not going to just go and bust out 2000m on the rower right away) – but it’s progress and that makes me happy 🙂

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