6:30AM Intervals

Adjusting to getting back to the 6:30AM class after going to the night time classes this past week.

photo (4)


Today was some interval training, as written on the Craic site last night:

20sec Row
20sec DB THR
20sec Pullups
rest 3min

When we got to Craic this morning, John decided to change it up a bit and add an extra round:

20sec Pullups
20sec DB THR
20sec Row
rest 3min

Since I tested Jackie with the airdyne, I did the airdyne instead of the row.  I also did ring rows and did thrusters with the 45# bar.  I tried with the dumb bells over head and my right shoulder felt like crap and not stable at all.  Here’s the breakdown of how the rounds went: Ring Rows / Thrusters / Calories on AD

  1. 11/8/6 = 25
  2. 11/9/6 = 26
  3. 12/9/6 = 27
  4. 12/10/6 = 28
  5. 13/10/7 = 30

Solid improvement as the rounds went on.  Three minutes was the perfect amount of time between rounds.  I didn’t wear my knee sleeves or lifting shoes so my thrusters felt WAY off balance.  5 minutes total of work and it kicked my ass.


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