Mother’s Day

Me and my momma circa 1978

Me and my momma circa 1978

Got results from my latest MRI.  Was hoping that it wasn’t a tear, and turns out  it’s just tendinitis in my bicep and my rotator cuff.  No shoulder to over head for at least four weeks and PT for the next six weeks.  Really excited that it’s not a tear and focusing on recovery these next couple of months.

Got an early morning workout in with Jarrod yesterday.  Did a bunch of work on clean skill work, mostly footwork and getting under the bar.  Got up to 135 (off the small jerk boxes), but on a squat clean, not a power clean.  Then we went and did some 1 and 1/4 front squats.  Four sets of three at increasing weight. 115#, 125#, 145# and then 165#.  165 was hard, but I was able to get three done which was awesome as 165 is my current 1RM and I was able to bust out three of them.  I wanted to go for my 1RM after that, but Jarrod wouldn’t let me because he’s a jerk face.  Or he wouldn’t let me because I had just spend the past 50 minutes doing a bunch of squat cleans and heavy front squats… I don’t know.  Excited to go for my 1RM back squat and front squat.

After, did a quick 3 rounds.  30 seconds flutter kicks, 30 seconds superman hold, 30 seconds AD sprints.  90 second rest between rounds.    The core work was great, the airdyne sprints suck ass.  I managed to get 16 cals on the first two rounds and barely managed to squeak out 14 cals for the last round.   PAIN.

Last night I had a very restless sleep.  I had some anxiety dreams (I think in anticipation of judging the Regionals!)  The first dream was that I saw all my friends at Regionals and was socializing with them when I realized I missed check-in / judges briefing and then they wouldn’t let me judge.  The second was a twist on the dream I have a couple times a year where I’m in college and I’ve forgotten to register for any classes, thus missing out on the entire semester.  Anyway, didn’t get up for the 6:30am class – so I’m headed into the 7:30pm class tonight.  Feel the fear and do it anyway, right?



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