A little break and a Craic Montage

Tuesday I had some work done by Nichole on my shoulder and body.  She does amazing work.  The next day, I had my first day of physical therapy and the PT suggested that I take it easy on my shoulder for a week or (even movements like cleans and burpees) to just let it rest.  It’s pretty irritated with the tendinitis.  And then I had a dentist appointment early this morning and am resting up a bit for three days of judging at the Crossfit Regionals this weekend.  I’m still staying strict No Bread, so other than resting my body a bit – I’m not going off the reservation with my goals.

John put together an awesome Craic video montage, which I’m sharing below.  Read his post about his process putting these together.  I especially like that this one shows how failure is a part of the process and it’s actually shows a lot of failures of the coaches – which it’s nice to be reminded that they are human as well and struggle just like the rest of us.

Headed out tonight for the Judges Briefing and Volunteer Dinner at Reebok One. Getting super excited for the Regionals!

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