Deadlifts on a Muggy Monday

Went in on Monday evening to workout so I could get a workout in with Niko.  Turns out Gienah (the girl who has the legs and arms of my dreams) was working out there for the 7:30PM as well.  We ended up pairing up together to build to a heavy 3 reps (touch and go).  We started out doing a few sets at 135, and then went 165, 195, 215, and then 225.  My wrist is bad on my left hand and my grip started to give out.  Ben came by and said for the last set I was rounding just a tad – so something to look out for. Was great to workout with G.  Then we started the workout and I did sit-ups instead of burpees.  My PT told me to take a break from doing burpees, as it causes unstable impact or something like that.  I also can’t do shoulder to overhead or really anything above my shoulders.  Also, if I’m doing cleans and start to feel strains on my shoulders I need to just tread lightly with that.

Anyway, it was :30 deadlifts and then :30 sit-ups with 3:00 rest x5.  I was a little nervous about this since the disasterous deadlift workout last week.  I took the first set really slow and ended up with a round score of 25. I think I only did like 10 or 11 deadlifts.  Then, between rounds, Ben reminded everyone to “use (our) legs!” and something just clicked.  It was another one of those Oprah A-Ha Moments, where I used my legs and not my mid section to do the lift and miraculously, the lifts became so much easier and so much less stress on my low back.  It felt kind of awesome.  The weight I ended up doing for this portion was 145 (which is 1.5 pounds shy of the 65% we were supposed to do).

Also, I found this on the internets and thought it was hilarious.  I must admit, I’ve bought a few Puma shirts in my day solely because there are cats on them.

I think I may try this at home :)

I think I may try this at home 🙂

Also, Brian Spangle, the boss man this weekend at the LifeasRx tent came to Craic and got a WOD in.  I am also wearing my awesome new t-shirt.  I wish I didn’t look like such a hot mess (see headband placement and ps. I have no idea what’s going on with my hair) … but it was a photo taken when I was actually a hot mess. (See my awesome socks too!)

So my headband started to go up on my head.  I think it looks like a headband crown #lifeasrx

So my headband started to go up on my head. I think it looks like a headband crown #lifeasrx

Not working out today.  Had a PT appointment this morning and then I have an appointment this evening.  No time, but still getting some good recovery work in.  I love the muscle stim machine.  It’s awesome.  He also gives me the remote so I can control its intensity.  Crank that shit all the way up, yo!

All the stimulation I want!

All the stimulation I want!

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