Judging and More Respect for Dave Castro

As mentioned in my post the other day judging at Regionals, I really felt that the head judges (Dave Osorio, EC Synkowski, Eric O’Conner, Todd Widman, Keith Wittenstein, and Jesse Cook) had our backs the entire time.  If there were any issues at all, they were right there, supporting us and helping us in any way we could.  When you’re a judge, you kind of have to take all emotion out of what you’re doing and focus on good reps and bad reps (oh, and a decent amount of counting as well!)  Sometimes, things get difficult for the athletes and they react in all sorts of manners.  They are out there, giving it everything they can and sometimes hearing and seeing a “No rep” can be devastating.  I understand things get emotional and don’t take things personally.

Having said this, this dude (Ryan Fisher), in the video below, was totally bouncing some of his deadlifts and from the video, deserved every no rep he got.  When the judge no repped him, he handled it like an ass, even going so far as to tell his judge “I will fucking kill you.”  He then ignored his judge and wouldn’t sign his sheet (even though he wasn’t appealing).  One of the head judges had to come over and force him to do so and had to tell him to shake his judges hand.  The athletes were clearly told that no bouncing of the deadlifts were allowed and if they did, they would get no repped.  They were also told that if there was any bending of the arms in the deadlift, they would be no repped. So, Ryan Fisher knew the standards and didn’t achieve them. I get that athletes get upset during workouts and like I’ve said before, I’ve judged people and had them be less than nice to me after the workout. Not a big deal. But when an athlete actually threatens the life of a judge. I think that’s just too far.

Okay, you’ve seen the video above, and now look at Dave Castro’s response in the athlete briefing following.  This just reinforces why I felt supported all weekend during the North East Regionals.  I love this. The only thing I’m a bit conflicted about is whether or not he should have DQ’d him from the competition, as it was a clear violation of the rules.

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