Kelly, Not So Much.

Yesterday, Annie Michel posted a great blog post about owning your choices.  The main message:

We all need to own our choices.  
Do bad things happen? Yes.  
Can all bad things be avoided? No, not always. 
People can make all the right choices for themselves and still get sick, be in accidents, have setbacks. Ultimately, being responsible for the climb out of the ‘setback’ is choosing to fight for one’s health, even if it’s in a ‘new normal’ state, as opposed to just giving into it and expecting everyone else to be responsible for it.
But to repeat what everyone should have heard a zillion times, all we really have is our health. If we don’t choose to be responsible for our health because we are afraid of changing what we know, what we are comfortable with, what might be hard work, then just know that those are your choices.
Own them.

As I’ve documented here, I have a lot of injuries that I’m working through.  Most of the injuries are a result of my pre-Crossfit life, and it’s all just finally catching up to me in my mid-thirties.  Lucky me.  For the past 8 months, it’s rare that I do a workout where I haven’t had to modify it.  Last night and I checked the workout and it was the benchmark, Kelly.  I guess I’ve become pretty good at modifying workouts, so I had in my head exactly what I was going to do before I went to bed.  I couldn’t do the wall balls because I can’t do overhead.  My ankles are still bothering me, so I knew I wasn’t going to do the entire run.  My shoulder has been bothering me for the last couple of days, and yesterday I had PT in the morning and massage with Nichole later that night.  It was all good work, but my shoulder was really fatigued from all the work done on and with it.  I went to bed, full of excuses and  unsure if I was going to go and workout today.  And then I woke up this morning and turned off the alarm and rolled back over.  Then Annie’s blog post started playing in my head.  I needed to make the right choice for myself as I deal with my “setbacks.”  Needless to say, I got out of bed and got my ass into Craic.  Annie’s post came at the perfect time for me.

I shortened the runs to 200m, did 30 step-ups instead of box jumps (started on the 24″ box, but ultimately had to do the 20″), and did the 30 kettle bell swings with the 44# instead of wallballs.  There was a 35 minute time cap on the workout.  BRUTAL.  My ankle and calfs killed me on the run.  I did the first round and a half with the 24″ box but it was killing my calves and ultimately I had to puss out and move to the 20″ box if I had a chance of finishing underneath the cap.  The kettle bells were really hurting my lower back, I had Jarrod take a look at my technique and he said it looked good.  Need to figure out what adjustments need to be made to take the stress off the low back.  Really pushed the last round and finished just under the cap at 34:36.  While the workout was a grueling one, I’m so glad that I chose to get out of bed this morning and get into Craic.

Another friend posted something else I needed today (thanks, Judy M!).  It’s been a frustrating challenge to say the least.   I’ve been pretty strict about staying No Bread throughout this challenge, and I feel that I’ve been putting in the work…I don’t feel that I’m seeing results.  I had Niko hide the scale a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t feel like I’ve lost a significant amount of weight or fat.  I’m not going to be able to go the whole way without weighing myself, as I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and this will let me know what kind of physical progress I’ve made a little over half-way through the challenge.  While I complained about it in the first few weeks, I’ve stayed away from complaining these last couple, because, really…where will it get me? The only reason I’m really thinking about it today is because after the workout, Jarrod asked me how the challenge was going, and I just replied nonchalantly “fine” back to him.  But it wasn’t really the truth, so I decided to blog a bit about it today.  The truth is that I’m doing my part: I’m staying No Bread, I’m putting the work in at the gym, but my body, physically, doesn’t appear to be doing its part. It’s frustrating. That’s my truth right now, and I’m trying to be patient and remind myself that I’m changing for the better even if I can’t physically see the results…right now.


Oh, and I missed my girl Kelly today for the Kelly workout.  Today was her rest day.  I guess it wasn’t a Kelly day for me.



  1. Christina, you are doing a much better job than many of us (myself included) and I can appreciate your feelings of frustration. Getting back to Craic after the marathon was very hard and I am yet to hit my high during the workouts. Give yourself a bit of a break and enjoy what you are doing. Keep at it!

  2. You didn’t “puss out”. You did what your body was telling you to do! Though I do like that it makes you sound more like the crazy cat fitter you are. XO

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