A Bit Behind

Yikes.  This is probably the longest that I’ve gone without blogging.  I’ve been swamped at work and feeling lazy over the weekend.  Lots to catch up on, well, not lots.  But stuffs.

I rested on Friday and Saturday.  Friday I had PT, so I did put some work in rehabbing my shoulders, but no Crossfit work.  Saturday, the gym did Murph and I sat out this year.  Sunday, I went to Rita’s kettlebell class and we did a workout that she called “Double Trouble”.  On paper, it looked like it was a good workout, but not too grueling.  When I think that…it usually spells trouble!


“Double Trouble” KB Complex- all are performed with double bells
:30sec time cap to complete
2 Russian Swings
2 Swinging Cleans
2 Snatch
2 Front Squat
1:00 Rest
repeat in 3’s, :45sec time cap, rest 1:30
repeat in 4’s, 1:00 time cap, rest 2:00
repeat in 5’s, 1:30 time cap, rest 3:00

*then repeat entire thing for time without rest.

I did the first part with the 35# kettle bell and substituted more cleans for the snatches.  Got under the time cap every time.  The 2nd round (the one with no rest) it became a grip game.  I only had to drop the KB once, but after my left wrist was all swollen and while most of the class went another round (for fun) I opted to stop.  Great workout.  Rita is a great KB coach.

Then, Monday (Memorial Day), Niko and I decided to go to the gym for open gym to work on form and mobility.  Some people were organizing a 20 minute EMOM outside and we decided to do it with them.  I did 5 power cleans @85 on the even minutes and 10 KB swings with the 35# on the odd minutes.  About 4 minutes in I regretted the decision (I was feeling a bit lazy) – but plugged through and ended up getting a good workout in.

Tuesday was cleans.  It was 15 minutes to build to a 1RM and then 2 AMRAP 4 (with 4 minute rest in between) of power cleans at 90% of the weight of the 1RM you did.  I told myself that I was only going to do it until my shoulder hurt…turns out…my shoulder didn’t start hurting.  I went 75, 95, 115, 125, 135 (PR!), 140 (PR!), 145 (FAIL).  I only had a chance to try the 145 once because I ran out of time.  I was pleasantly surprised that I got to 140.  Test week next week should be interesting.  The AMRAPs were kind of messy for me.  I only got 6 good reps at 125 the first one and 7 the second one.  I started deadlifting the bar, then putting it back on the ground and then picking it up and cleaning it.  John (who was coaching that day) called me out and told me to stop doing it because I would develop a bad habit.  I was doing it because I just wanted to tell myself that I could lift the weight before I actually did.  But I stopped. Hoping that I don’t do as shitty on the AMRAPs for testing.

Today’s workout I went to the 7:30PM class. I had an all day meeting at work and couldn’t get in this morning.  Last night they posted the workout and it was run 1 mile, rest 5 minutes, run 1 mile, rest 5 minutes, run 1 mile.  I wanted to skip out so bad, but knew I was destined for the airdyne.  While at work this morning, I checked the workout again to see if other people modified it.  Then I saw Anne D. say something about “snatchy-poos” on the Craic site comments.  I scrolled up and they had changed the workout.  Instead it was 3-3-3-3-3 (sets of three at increasing weight) of hang squat snatches and then an AMRAP 10 of 10 KB swings, 10 OHS, and 20 double unders.  Awesome! I modified the snatch and did hang squat cleans.  For the AMRAP, I did the swings, 10 front squats at 75#, and 40 single unders at an even rate.  I initially took out the 44# KB, but heard Jarrod in my head telling me to do the 53#.  So I grabbed it and decided to use it for my workout.  For the squat cleans, I was able to get up to 125# no problemo – so I was pretty happy with that.  It bothers me to lower the weight under control, so I had to drop it every time, deadlift it, pause, and then hang clean it.  A little extra work – but happy that I was able to string 125# together three times.   The AMRAP started and the first round felt great.  I flew through.  The second round, my lower back started cramping.  The third round I became a hot mess.  I was able to do all the KB swings unbroken but got to the FS and my lower back killed me.  Started seizing up and cramping.  It hurt to even just stand.  I broke up the FS in sets of 5 and 5.  Got to begin the fourth round and the KB swing I had to break up into 4 and 6.  I got to the FS and my back was in terrible shape.  I did 2 FS and I could barely stand.  Pete (today’s coach) called out one minute left and I just stood there for 45 seconds hoping my back would stop cramping.  At the 9:45 mark, I wanted to try to get one to two in before time.  I got one in and then my back was having none of it.  Disappointing, but it happens.  I remembered that Ben had me stretch my hammies after this happened the last time and stretched them out really good.  Overall, great class.  It was my first class in the entire time I’ve been at Craic that Pete coached!  He was awesome.

Tomorrow is a rest day.  I have PT in the morning and then I’m off to the One Fund concert tomorrow night.




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