Rest Day

My good-ish shoulder was bugging me yesterday after the workout and all throughout the day.  I’m not exactly sure why, as I didn’t do any shoulder heavy work yesterday.  Had PT this morning, so opted to take today as a rest day to try to get a bit better before I hop on a plane cross country tomorrow morning. My friend Susie referred me to Craig (the PT) and he is awesome.  I’ve posted a picture of his dog, Izzy, before on this blog which makes him even better.  Also, when I told him that I wish I had a stim machine to take with me on my trip…he gave me a portable one to borrow.  Made my morning!

Looking like a football player

Looking like a football player

Izzy working hard during PT

Izzy working hard during PT

Went home to get ready for work and was having a good hair day, so I thought I’d get a #selfie in…but Hobo had other plans.  He was being super cute.

Me and little Hobo.  I look super Asian in this pic.

Me and little Hobo. I look super Asian in this pic.

Humid Summer Haze

It’s summer.  And it’s summer in New England.  While I know the humidity doesn’t compare to that in the South, it’s still something I detest and makes me miss living in the dry heat of Los Angeles just a little bit.  Begrudgingly went to workout on Saturday, it was a typical Saturday workout. It was an AMRAP 20 – 400m run, 10 burpees, 10 KB swings, 10 sit-ups.  It was a hot day and a bit humid.  I had PT in the morning, so we went to the 10AM class.  While I generally hate running, I’m glad to be doing running workouts again.  My goal was to get at least 3 rounds in and I managed to squeak out 4 rounds + 100m run.  The running is feeling stronger (albeit slow). Sara had us warm up with a small 5 minute EMOM  – 3-5 burpees as fast as possible.  My PT had just given me the clear to do burpees again, so I went for is.  Going all the way down to the ground started making my shoulder pinch, so I switched to no push-up burpees. I did Russian swings at 44#.

Sunday was a rest day, and because of this, I give you this video – which is kind of amazing.

Went into Craic today and it was humid as all get out, even at 6:30am this morning. It was 80 degrees by the time I got into the gym. Blech. It was 2 AMRAP 10 (with 5 minutes rest between them) of 200m run, 10 hang power snatches, 10 burpees.  I wore my Nanos today, which I thought would be okay for a 200m run.  Turns out my ankles and legs need more stability for the run.  I had to switch to 10 cals on the airdyne, substitute hang power cleans, and no push-up burpees.  I originally thought that I would do 75# for the hang power cleans, but I tried a few and felt a pinching in my shoulder.  I bumped down the weight to 65# and it felt okay.  I need to work on letting go of the bar at the top, but when cycling, it’s a bit challenging if you want to get reps done quickly.  Managed to get the same score for both rounds – 3 + 10 cals on the AD.  I was dripping like crazy by the end of the workout.  It was HAWT!


Shoulder Work

Today was all about the shoulders. I read the workout and knew I’d have to go light weight (per my PT) and modify a bit.

A1) Push press 10, 8, 6, 4, 2; rest 90 sec
A2) Weighted chin up 5 Ring Rows (2 steps in) and 10 bi-cep curls (7.5 pounds) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; rest 90 sec
Amrap in 10 min:
3 HSPU Ring rows, 2 steps in
3 CTB chin ups Dumb bell press

Jarrod told us to pick our top weight for the end of the push press and make a plan before we started.  My PT told me that I could start doing shoulder to overhead, but to go really light.  I think I mentioned this before, but when I asked him to elaborate on what “really light” was, he said take what you would normally do (or want to do) and cut that in half.  I knew that if I could, I’d try to 120 or so at the set of two, so I was ambitious and initially thought that I might do 75 at the top of the workout.  But (1) I haven’t used my shoulders for quite some time and (2) I needed to stay light, so I started at 45 and did 45, 50, 55, 60, 65.

During that part of the workout, I mentioned to Jarrod that I was frustrated doing such a low weight, to which he replied “Oh, so what’s your plan for when you’re quitting Crossfit?”  Meaning, that I should shut up and stop complaining, it’s not like I’m on a strict timeline for recovery.  In short, patience Stina-san.

Didn’t keep track of the AMRAP, but by the time we got to it, my shoulders were exhausted and I had to take more of a break than I wanted to for the ring rows.

Have a good weekend y’all.


Boat Race

Last night the WoD was posted and Niko was super excited about the workout.  Me, not so much.  It was a benchmark workout called “Boat Race” which is an AMRAP 20 of 500m row and 400 run.  I looked at Niko and said “Yea, I’m not working out tomorrow.”   I have no idea why those words came out of my mouth, as I have not really cherry picked in a long time.  Needless to say, I put out my workout clothes before I went to bed and went into the gym.  I was still a bit worried about my wrist during the row, but knew I could airdyne if the row wasn’t working out. I worked on maintaining a steady pace and got 3+row+100m run in under the time cap.  I hate these types of workouts, but today felt decent, and I was really happy that I managed to get through the entire run / row workout without having to modify.  My wrist was a bit swollen at the end, but it recovered quickly. While I definitely wasn’t the fastest, I did it – and it’s kind of a big milestone for me.

Before the workout, Jarrod had us do a mobility test – 10 minute squat.  Yep.  That’s 10 minutes sitting in the squat position.  Then, we were to stand up and figure out what hurt the most.  It was fairly easy for me to do, and when I stood up – the only part that really bothered me were my ankles – but I managed to shake that off in about 2 minutes 😀

Also, since I was away last week, I wasn’t able to give some shout-outs to my pals, Katie and G, for their recent kick-ass accomplishments.  G won our No Bread Challenge AND placed 8th in a recent competition, making it into the finals.  Here’s a shot of her transformation and a link to her story:


And phases after. HAWT. (And she has awesome hair…)

And Katie, who’s squat has been haunting her and has been cutting out sugars and such from her diet in the effort to get a six-pack – her work has paid off.  Take a look at her below:

Squat Progression


Before and After. Ab-ulous!

#inspiration #abtastic




Quick post today, got back into the gym.  Took a rest day yesterday after the Ruckus.

Today was an 21 minute EMOM:

  • Every 1st minute 5 front squats
  • Every 2nd minute 10 kettle bell cleans (as Rx was snatches, but I can’t do those yet)
  • Every 3rd minute 5-10 toes to bar or a variation (I hung from the bar and did knee raises)

I decided to listen to my body since my lower back has been bothering me and didn’t go as heavy as I would have liked.  Sara McEvoy’s post yesterday was a good reminder as to why I shouldn’t go heavy just because.  It’s something I’m working on.  So I only did 105#.  The kettle bell cleans were at 24# and I was happy to do the knee raises, as it was my first workout hanging from the bar in a long, long time.  My shoulder didn’t bug me at all.  Nice to get back at it.

Went to PT and he did a lot of work on my low back and shoulder.  The session ended with ice on my shoulder and  the stim machine!  I LOVE IT.  Here’s a picture of me with my best friend, the stim machine.

photo (5)

E3 and Eagle Rock

Greetings.  Sorry I’ve been away for a bit.  I headed to Los Angeles for E3, a video game exposition where we were doing an event for our game (which is currently in closed beta) Infinite Crisis.  Before E3 started up, I got to spend some time with my friend Beth and her family.  Always a great time, and I love Giles and Brent (her two boys).

Tickle fights with Giles and Brent

Tickle fights with Giles and Brent

A masked hero defends us from evil!

A masked hero defends us from evil!

After that, I headed into downtown LA to set-up for the event.  On Sunday, I had some downtime after set-up and managed to sneak away and head into Crossfit Eagle Rock (which is right on the outer edge of Occidental College, my alma mater) and get a workout in with my friend, Leigh.  She and I went to college together and I am happy to say that I was a key influencer in her starting Crossfit 🙂  Leigh is a veterinarian and I always message her when I have worries about the gatos.  Anyway, it was awesome going in and getting a workout in with her.  Especially in my old hood, Eagle Rock.  Our coach was the amazing Andie Bolt.  We started out with a little kettle bell tabata as a warm-up and then did the “skill” part of the workout.  Which was sort of a full workout in itself.  It was an every 30 seconds for 7 minutes 1 squat clean, 1 front squat.  Since we did the AMRAP 8 a few days before with the power cleans, I decided to go with 115# for this workout because of the additional front squat after the squat clean would be a bit tougher than just power cleaning 125.  The squat cleans felt AMAZING.  I definitely picked the perfect weight because by the 14th round I was toast.  And then we had to do the actual workout of the day, which was a fun team workout.  I modified it a ton because of my shoulder issues and it ended up being a lot of leg work.  My low  back starting cramping terribly as well – so basically Leigh carried us through the partner workout.

Leigh and I at Crossfit Eagle Rock

Leigh and I at Crossfit Eagle Rock

I had planned to go to some other Crossfit boxes in the area during E3, but the show proved to be too much to handle on top of trying to go to Crossfit.  I woke up each morning around 7AM and didn’t get back to my room until at least 10PM.  I was running around and on my feet all day, so I feel that was a workout in itself.  Here are a few pics from E3, in case anyone is interested.

Shibby from MLG, myself, and Hank Baskett post Infinite Crisis match

Shibby from MLG, myself, and Hank Baskett post Infinite Crisis match

The woman who modeled for our Wonder Woman key art, before she went and played as Wonder Woman and coached by Lautemortis (who played primarily with Wonder Woman)

The woman who modeled for our Wonder Woman key art, before she went and played as Wonder Woman and coached by Lautemortis (who played primarily with Wonder Woman) – soooo meta!

All the pros and shoutcasters for the event

All the pros and shoutcasters for the event

Doggies and Dumbbells

Last night, there was a small get together to say goodbye to two of my fellow Craic ladies and 6:30AM crew members.  Great time, but I’m sad to see Lauren and Nicole leave.  Nicole is moving to a faraway place (okay, it’s only like 30 miles…but still).  Lauren, who already lives far away changed her place of work – so Craic is just not maintainable for her.  Booo.  After a fun night with the ladies (and Jarrod made a special guest appearance, as he was a fixture as our coach for that class) and I was able to get up this morning and get a workout in before I went to PT.  It was my last workout with Lauren 😦  I asked Jarrod to snap a picture of me and Lauren after the workout, and here are some products that he produced:

photo 3 (3)

Lauren and I always joke that combined we make the perfect Crossfitter.  The things I’m not great at, she’s awesome at and the things she’s not super at, I do decently.  I will miss my pal.  Workout was:


  • 5 hang power cleans at 75# (for the others it was hang power snatches)
  • 10 box jumps (I did step-ups)
  • 15 sit-ups

Rest 3 minutes and repeat.  This was a good workout for me from an intensity perspective, but I didn’t do great from a workout count standpoint.  I was actually able to cycle through the cleans without dropping the bar for the first time in awhile.  The sit-ups were rough.  Time to be a bit more focused on core work.  Final scores 3+13 / 3+7.  Still had a hard time catching my breath after the workout.  Hopefully I’ll feel better soon.

Gathered my stuff, and headed to PT.  My PT has the most adorable German Shepard named named Izzy.  Whenever she’s there with him, she makes PT better.  Did my usual routine there with the exercises he gave me and then he walks in and hands me 1 pound dumbbells. That’s not a typo.  Introducing a new exercise… It was kind of hilarious, but it was definitely the appropriate weight for what he was asking me to do.  #SAMnotHAM

Izzy, the most proshy PT dog in the world!

Izzy, the most proshy PT dog in the world!

#goheavy #SAMnotHAM

#goheavy #SAMnotHAM

The good news is that I got the go-ahead to start doing shoulder overhead today at a light weight.  When I pressed him on what a “light weight”  was, he said 50% of what you’d like to be doing for weight and/or what the prescribed weight is.  So happy!  I can also start working on my pull-ups (no kipping) but still, I can hang from the bar!  Just need to be patient and smart about my approach and luckily I have a good PT that can keep me in check without keeping me down.


Mod Tue Wod

Still feeling a bit under the weather, but wanted to get a workout in.  Emailed Jarrod because the WOD as written was:

A) weighted pullups – 5×3
B) Push Press 5×10 – increasing
for time:
50 pushups
50 KBS 53/35

Didn’t know how or what to sub for the first part of the workout.  Jarrod had me do step-in ring rows and deadlifts.  For the pull-ups I did 5 pull-ups instead of 3.

Steps-in: 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5,  and deadlifts: 95, 125, 135, 145, 150 I might have gone a bit light on the deads, but since my low back has been bothering me off and on the last couple of weeks, I wanted to focus on some good form.  95, 125, and 135 felt really heavy, but I started to get into my stride at 145 and 150.  The ring rows were a bit challenging as I stepped in more, but I managed to get all five for all the sets.

Was really nervous about the push-up part.  I just got the go ahead to do bench push-ups a couple of days ago and 50 of them seemed daunting.  Got through the first 10 unbroken, then 5, and then it fell apart.  I got to 31 and I just couldn’t do anymore, so I moved onto the kettle bells.  I did Russians and used the 44# bell.  I’m getting comfortable using that weight now for Russians.  I did the first 25 unbroken, then 10, then 8, then 7.  I think my final time was 6:17.  I had a really, really hard time breathing towards the end of the workout and couldn’t seem to catch my breath for a solid 30 minutes after.  My pulse was racing like crazy as well.  I think it’s because I’m sick and not hydrating as much as I should.  I still don’t feel great today, so I’m taking today off.



No Bread 5.0, Retest – Test 1

Today was the retest of our first test for No Bread 5.0.  The first time I did this test, my 1RM was 130# and I did a whopping 5 reps for the AMRAP 8.   I had just PR’d at 140 last week, so I didn’t know what to expect today.  I also didn’t really get a ton of sleep, as I got home late from the New Kids on the Block concert.  Oh, and I’m also developing a chest cold.  Waahhh.  My life is so horrible.

Jarrod was coaching this morning, and while usually I’m all for any of the coaches (because they all offer something awesome) I was relieved.  We’ve been working together on my cleans a lot and I just needed him to coach me through stuff.  Long story short, I got to 135# relatively easy.  I decided that since I got 140 last week, I was just going to go to 145 and make some attempts.  I tried about six times and failed each time.  Meh.  My PR is 10# more than test week a couple of weeks ago, but today, I only did 5# more.  I could get the weight up, I just couldn’t get under the bar fast enough or let go of the bar at the top.  I’ll get there.  Need more work.  Overall improvement over the last 50 days so I can’t really complain.

Then onto the AMRAP 8.  I really just wanted more than 5.  Also, for last week’s AMRAP 4 x 2 I was only able to do 6 and 7 for each round.  Ugh.  Jarrod and I talked about a plan for today, knowing that I fall apart during these things.  I would do a lift every 20-25 seconds or so, really thinking about getting under the bar and fast hips.  Jarrod also got me to not use wrist bands for cleans, and I think it is helping for wrist flexibility as I bring the bar onto my chest in the front rack position.  Even though I did 135# today and not 140, I decided to do the AMRAP at 125 and they actually felt pretty strong.  I was confident going into my set-up and only failed once.  Stuck to my plan and ended up getting 16 or 17 reps.  Much improvement from last time.

I’m officially out of the No Bread challenge (long story about medications and such).  Then since I can’t do burpees or shoulder to overhead right now, I can’t retest Jackie. I’d retest the airdyne, but that’s going to be completely dependent if I can shake this cold.