“I know how some of you smell…”

Quote of the day from Jarrod Dizzle Davis.  I will provide no further context.


My coach

This morning, I woke up and felt like bubbles were in my chest when I breathed.  I didn’t really want to go and workout, but knew that I needed to get some good work in with Jarrod before the re-test of tomorrow’s 1RM power clean and AMRAP 8.  We stayed away from airdyne / running / rowing conditioning because breathing was a bit of an issue.  We did sets of 3 deadlift / clean pulls with the barbell and tension from the blue bands holding it down and 3 ring rows, increasing steps forward every round.  I managed to get to 4 steps (about 8 rounds) before I started failing the pulls and ring rows.  The pulls were to work on having more explosiveness above the knee and staying back on my heels.  The ring rows were to find a place where they were a bit more challenging.

Then we just worked on power cleans and having fast elbows and getting under the bar.  Used a light-ish weight 75 / 95.  Overall, what I needed before the retest tomorrow. Hopefully I will be feeling better soon.


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