No Bread 5.0, Retest – Test 1

Today was the retest of our first test for No Bread 5.0.  The first time I did this test, my 1RM was 130# and I did a whopping 5 reps for the AMRAP 8.   I had just PR’d at 140 last week, so I didn’t know what to expect today.  I also didn’t really get a ton of sleep, as I got home late from the New Kids on the Block concert.  Oh, and I’m also developing a chest cold.  Waahhh.  My life is so horrible.

Jarrod was coaching this morning, and while usually I’m all for any of the coaches (because they all offer something awesome) I was relieved.  We’ve been working together on my cleans a lot and I just needed him to coach me through stuff.  Long story short, I got to 135# relatively easy.  I decided that since I got 140 last week, I was just going to go to 145 and make some attempts.  I tried about six times and failed each time.  Meh.  My PR is 10# more than test week a couple of weeks ago, but today, I only did 5# more.  I could get the weight up, I just couldn’t get under the bar fast enough or let go of the bar at the top.  I’ll get there.  Need more work.  Overall improvement over the last 50 days so I can’t really complain.

Then onto the AMRAP 8.  I really just wanted more than 5.  Also, for last week’s AMRAP 4 x 2 I was only able to do 6 and 7 for each round.  Ugh.  Jarrod and I talked about a plan for today, knowing that I fall apart during these things.  I would do a lift every 20-25 seconds or so, really thinking about getting under the bar and fast hips.  Jarrod also got me to not use wrist bands for cleans, and I think it is helping for wrist flexibility as I bring the bar onto my chest in the front rack position.  Even though I did 135# today and not 140, I decided to do the AMRAP at 125 and they actually felt pretty strong.  I was confident going into my set-up and only failed once.  Stuck to my plan and ended up getting 16 or 17 reps.  Much improvement from last time.

I’m officially out of the No Bread challenge (long story about medications and such).  Then since I can’t do burpees or shoulder to overhead right now, I can’t retest Jackie. I’d retest the airdyne, but that’s going to be completely dependent if I can shake this cold.



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