Mod Tue Wod

Still feeling a bit under the weather, but wanted to get a workout in.  Emailed Jarrod because the WOD as written was:

A) weighted pullups – 5×3
B) Push Press 5×10 – increasing
for time:
50 pushups
50 KBS 53/35

Didn’t know how or what to sub for the first part of the workout.  Jarrod had me do step-in ring rows and deadlifts.  For the pull-ups I did 5 pull-ups instead of 3.

Steps-in: 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5,  and deadlifts: 95, 125, 135, 145, 150 I might have gone a bit light on the deads, but since my low back has been bothering me off and on the last couple of weeks, I wanted to focus on some good form.  95, 125, and 135 felt really heavy, but I started to get into my stride at 145 and 150.  The ring rows were a bit challenging as I stepped in more, but I managed to get all five for all the sets.

Was really nervous about the push-up part.  I just got the go ahead to do bench push-ups a couple of days ago and 50 of them seemed daunting.  Got through the first 10 unbroken, then 5, and then it fell apart.  I got to 31 and I just couldn’t do anymore, so I moved onto the kettle bells.  I did Russians and used the 44# bell.  I’m getting comfortable using that weight now for Russians.  I did the first 25 unbroken, then 10, then 8, then 7.  I think my final time was 6:17.  I had a really, really hard time breathing towards the end of the workout and couldn’t seem to catch my breath for a solid 30 minutes after.  My pulse was racing like crazy as well.  I think it’s because I’m sick and not hydrating as much as I should.  I still don’t feel great today, so I’m taking today off.



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