Doggies and Dumbbells

Last night, there was a small get together to say goodbye to two of my fellow Craic ladies and 6:30AM crew members.  Great time, but I’m sad to see Lauren and Nicole leave.  Nicole is moving to a faraway place (okay, it’s only like 30 miles…but still).  Lauren, who already lives far away changed her place of work – so Craic is just not maintainable for her.  Booo.  After a fun night with the ladies (and Jarrod made a special guest appearance, as he was a fixture as our coach for that class) and I was able to get up this morning and get a workout in before I went to PT.  It was my last workout with Lauren 😦  I asked Jarrod to snap a picture of me and Lauren after the workout, and here are some products that he produced:

photo 3 (3)

Lauren and I always joke that combined we make the perfect Crossfitter.  The things I’m not great at, she’s awesome at and the things she’s not super at, I do decently.  I will miss my pal.  Workout was:


  • 5 hang power cleans at 75# (for the others it was hang power snatches)
  • 10 box jumps (I did step-ups)
  • 15 sit-ups

Rest 3 minutes and repeat.  This was a good workout for me from an intensity perspective, but I didn’t do great from a workout count standpoint.  I was actually able to cycle through the cleans without dropping the bar for the first time in awhile.  The sit-ups were rough.  Time to be a bit more focused on core work.  Final scores 3+13 / 3+7.  Still had a hard time catching my breath after the workout.  Hopefully I’ll feel better soon.

Gathered my stuff, and headed to PT.  My PT has the most adorable German Shepard named named Izzy.  Whenever she’s there with him, she makes PT better.  Did my usual routine there with the exercises he gave me and then he walks in and hands me 1 pound dumbbells. That’s not a typo.  Introducing a new exercise… It was kind of hilarious, but it was definitely the appropriate weight for what he was asking me to do.  #SAMnotHAM

Izzy, the most proshy PT dog in the world!

Izzy, the most proshy PT dog in the world!

#goheavy #SAMnotHAM

#goheavy #SAMnotHAM

The good news is that I got the go-ahead to start doing shoulder overhead today at a light weight.  When I pressed him on what a “light weight”  was, he said 50% of what you’d like to be doing for weight and/or what the prescribed weight is.  So happy!  I can also start working on my pull-ups (no kipping) but still, I can hang from the bar!  Just need to be patient and smart about my approach and luckily I have a good PT that can keep me in check without keeping me down.


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