Quick post today, got back into the gym.  Took a rest day yesterday after the Ruckus.

Today was an 21 minute EMOM:

  • Every 1st minute 5 front squats
  • Every 2nd minute 10 kettle bell cleans (as Rx was snatches, but I can’t do those yet)
  • Every 3rd minute 5-10 toes to bar or a variation (I hung from the bar and did knee raises)

I decided to listen to my body since my lower back has been bothering me and didn’t go as heavy as I would have liked.  Sara McEvoy’s post yesterday was a good reminder as to why I shouldn’t go heavy just because.  It’s something I’m working on.  So I only did 105#.  The kettle bell cleans were at 24# and I was happy to do the knee raises, as it was my first workout hanging from the bar in a long, long time.  My shoulder didn’t bug me at all.  Nice to get back at it.

Went to PT and he did a lot of work on my low back and shoulder.  The session ended with ice on my shoulder and  the stim machine!  I LOVE IT.  Here’s a picture of me with my best friend, the stim machine.

photo (5)

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  1. Paul HeinI too have early onset of Parkinson’s I am 43. Exercise has help a lot, but I have never been able to reduced the aomnut of meds that I am taking. It is good to hear, I need to look into some Crossfit

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