Humid Summer Haze

It’s summer.  And it’s summer in New England.  While I know the humidity doesn’t compare to that in the South, it’s still something I detest and makes me miss living in the dry heat of Los Angeles just a little bit.  Begrudgingly went to workout on Saturday, it was a typical Saturday workout. It was an AMRAP 20 – 400m run, 10 burpees, 10 KB swings, 10 sit-ups.  It was a hot day and a bit humid.  I had PT in the morning, so we went to the 10AM class.  While I generally hate running, I’m glad to be doing running workouts again.  My goal was to get at least 3 rounds in and I managed to squeak out 4 rounds + 100m run.  The running is feeling stronger (albeit slow). Sara had us warm up with a small 5 minute EMOM  – 3-5 burpees as fast as possible.  My PT had just given me the clear to do burpees again, so I went for is.  Going all the way down to the ground started making my shoulder pinch, so I switched to no push-up burpees. I did Russian swings at 44#.

Sunday was a rest day, and because of this, I give you this video – which is kind of amazing.

Went into Craic today and it was humid as all get out, even at 6:30am this morning. It was 80 degrees by the time I got into the gym. Blech. It was 2 AMRAP 10 (with 5 minutes rest between them) of 200m run, 10 hang power snatches, 10 burpees.  I wore my Nanos today, which I thought would be okay for a 200m run.  Turns out my ankles and legs need more stability for the run.  I had to switch to 10 cals on the airdyne, substitute hang power cleans, and no push-up burpees.  I originally thought that I would do 75# for the hang power cleans, but I tried a few and felt a pinching in my shoulder.  I bumped down the weight to 65# and it felt okay.  I need to work on letting go of the bar at the top, but when cycling, it’s a bit challenging if you want to get reps done quickly.  Managed to get the same score for both rounds – 3 + 10 cals on the AD.  I was dripping like crazy by the end of the workout.  It was HAWT!


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