Deadlifts and Mobility

I love going to Ben’s class because if time permits, you know you’re going to get a healthy dose of mobility.  My legs have been crushed since Monday’s workout and due to my lack of luck with deadlifts and my lower back in the last months, I was happy to be in his class last night.  Also, I got to workout with Niko – which is always a bonus.

This is us on a boat...not during a workout :)

This is us on a boat…not during a workout 🙂

We did some hamstring stretches with the band (2 minutes on each leg) and then we did the couch stretch (2 minutes each leg).  I normally HATE the couch stretch, but last night made me love it.  It totally helped my legs recover from Monday and I feel loads better today.  We also did some mobility work on our shoulders with the lacrosse ball.  Loved all of it.

Workout was to work to a heavy 2 deadlifts (not RM) in a strict 15 minute time cap.  Then it was a 10 minute EMOM – even minutes were 10 deadlifts, odd minutes were 10 ring rows (HSPU was prescribed, so, yea…ring rows for me).

I wasn’t sure how heavy I was going to be able to go.  My 1RM PR is 245#.  It went as follows: 135, 185, 205, 225, 235, 245, 255f.  I went for 255 and felt my back rounding and I couldn’t lift it without rounding, so I opted to just be happy with the 245.  After all, my old (and it was a messy 1RM PR) was 245# and I just picked it up twice in a row.  I was pretty happy with that number and stopped.

For the EMOM, I initially was going to go with 135, but I know that when cycling deadlifts my form goes to shit and I end up with low back cramping and/or pain.  So I dropped to 115#.  Lucky for me, Niko was initially going to go light and I saw him eyeing my bar (that had the 135#) and suggested we switch.  Turned out to be the best decision for both of us.  Hard workout, but overall great.

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photo 2 (10) photo 3 (10) photo 4 (4)

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