Kinda Sorta Workout

So, not really a workout at all.  The workout was run 1 mile spend 20 minutes doing Turkish get-ups and then 1 mile.  I emailed my PT to see if I could practice them at 5 pounds, and he said so long as there is no pain in my right shoulder.

I did 8 minutes on the air dyne instead of the run (ankle sprain) and didn’t go very hard.  Then I tried the Turkish get-ups and it hurt immediately.  I used the 20 minutes to work on shoulder mobility, and then I did 8 more minutes on the air dyne.  Feeling meh about my workout.  But sometimes you just have those days!

Niko, on the other hand, did 2 sub-7 minute miles.  IT WAS AWESOME to see him make those gains.  I am really proud of him.  His last 1 mile was 7:24.  He shaved off 30 seconds from his previous time and did a time of 6:54 and the second mile he did was 6:58.  That was on tired legs from doing the weighted lunges earlier in the week.  Can’t imagine how fast he’ll go when he has rested legs.  #myhusbandisawesome

This is the cutest story ever, by the way.

kitten1 kitten2


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