Two-Fer in Twelve

So, I’m not sure what the future format of this blog is going to be.  I was talking to my Craic pal, Jacob A$AP, about his blog.  I like his format.  He pretty much writes about whatever he wants, but his blog does have a bit of a crossfit slant.  I still will use this blog to post about my workouts, but I think I am going to be trending in the same direction he is (but with more cats…)  So some days, there might be posts that do not talk about cats or crossfit.  Blam!  #mindblown

Onto the workouts.  I worked out at the 7:30pm last night with Niko.  It was a recovery-ish workout and since we had time, Ben had us do an extra special amount of mobility.  Pretty simple workout of three 5 minute AMRAPS. 20 single unders, 10 sit-ups, and 10 step-ups. As Rx was double-unders and box jumps.  I didn’t do such a good job keeping a consistent pace and I need to work my core a lot more because I lost all momentum at the sit-ups. 4+12 / 3+ 33 / 3 + 30.

Then, I was considering going to the 7:30pm class tonight, but missed my morning crew so I got my butt out of bed and went to the 6:30am.  Two workouts in 12 hours is a bit hard, but it went okay.  It was:

A1. 10 DB bent over rows L+R – rest 20sec
A2. 10 DB Front Squats – rest 2mins x5 -increase the weight each round
B. AMRAP muscle ups / pullups / ring rows in :30 – rest :30 x4 – score is total reps

I thought it was four rounds, but now as I copy and paste this, it was actually 5 rounds.  Oh well.  I did A1/A2 – [20/50] [25/60] [30/70] [44/88].  Then I did 1/5 step-in ring rows.  I’m not sure what I got per round, but I got a total rep count of 36.  The front squats were tough at 88.  Reps 8-10 were tough, but I managed to do them UB.

Ending this blog with an interview with Temar Boggs.  The kid who chased down a little girl’s kidnapper and managed to get the girl back (all on a bike).  Love this, and love that there are selfless teenagers out there who are willing to do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

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