Bikram WoD

We are going through a heatwave here in the Northeast and…wow…Craic gets HOT. I started sweating as soon as I walked into the gym. The stretching / mobility we did before the workout exhausted me and I was sweating up a storm. The onto the workout, which was kind of a long one.

A1) 10 Push Press – rest 10sec (I subbed in dumb bell skull crushers at 15, 20, 20, 20, 20 per arm)
A2) 10 Deadlifts – rest 2min x 5 – increase the weight on each movement each set (95, 115, 125, 135, 145)
3min AMRAP – rest 2min x3
10 KBS 53/35 (I did Russian swings at 44#)
10 Burpees (I subbed in bench push-ups)

3 / 3 / 3+2

It was really hard to catch my breath in between the AMRAPs and also my arms / shoulders are just weak. Ugh. Glad I got the workout in, but it was a slog.

Short post today. It’s just one of those workout posts. Lots to do.

Addendum to post: so to commemorate how hot it is, I took a picture of the temp from Niko’s car.


I showed the pic to Niko and he said “Stina, why were you driving and taking this pic?!”

To which I replied “I wasn’t! I was in the parking lot!”

To which he responded “Oh really? So why does the speedometer say 30 MPH and the car is in the drive gear?”

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