The Nephew

Went up to Maine this weekend and went to my nephew’s birthday celebration.  Then we all (Niko, the nephew, and myself) got in the car and headed back down to Boston for a couple days to hang out.  I was sick most of the weekend with a stomach issue so I didn’t really have the energy to get a workout in (or the stomach for it).

We went on a Duck Tour through Boston (which is a Boston right of passage).  Niko and Mathew (the nephew) hadn’t gone on one before and we had a great time.  Our tour guide was Will Shakespeare and he was awesome.  Then we came home and I took a nap while Niko and Mathew went out for a run and some pre-season conditioning that Mathew had to do for hockey.  He’s an exceptional hockey player and is playing on a travel team this year.  I don’t say this lightly.  I’m not the proud aunt going “Oh, geez.  My nephew is so awesome.”  He really is awesome and I can’t wait to see him on the ice this season.  I had to laugh because his pre-season workout was like a Crossfit workout.  He had to do 4 rounds of 10 burpees, 5 rounds of 10 push-ups, and 6 rounds of 25m bear crawls. For reference purposes, the kid is 11 (soon to be 12).  His legs were sore today, so I had him do some good ol’ fashioned foam roller on his legs.

Foam rolling his quads.  It does a body good.

Foam rolling his quads. It does a body good.

#tinyplanet #bostonskyline

#tinyplanet #bostonskyline

As you can see, he's thrilled about this #selfie

As you can see, he’s thrilled about this #selfie

Today, we went out to do an Espionage adventure at 5 Wits at Patriot Place which was pretty cool.  Then, after an afternoon of cleaning up the kitchen (my mom is coming to visit!) – I decided I really wanted to workout and went to the 4:30pm class at Craic (I had never been before!).  Pete was coaching and I did part A of the workout with another gal named Christina 🙂  The workout was:

A1. Reverse Lunges
INT- 5×14
A2. Ring Rows

B. 7min AMRAP 
7 Ring Rows
14 Air Squats
40 Single Unders

I went with 65# for the reverse lunges.  It definitely was not enough weight for me.  I wasn’t really struggling through the 14 reps at all, basically cruised through them.  I think I should have gone with 75# – 80#.  Not sure why I didn’t go heavier.  I think perhaps it was PTSD from those lunges we did a couple of weeks ago.  Ring rows were fine.  I was definitely winded at the end of the workout, but methinks that it should have been more of a strength workout than a metcon.

AMRAP 7 was a good metcon.  Single-unders felt good.  Need to start getting some DU practice in, keeping my legs from pounding the ground (which causes the ankles to freak the eff out).  I also tried out my new sneakers I got today at the Reebok store.  They were 50% off so I like them even more 🙂  They are Crossfit Nano Speed sneakers and are much better for running than the regular Nanos.  I loved them!  I tried running today (it was only 200m) and it felt great.  Will gradually be working myself up to longer distances again and am really excited.  Overall score for AMRAP was 5+13.

Reebok Nano Speed (my new kicks)

Reebok Nano Speed (my new kicks)

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