Burpees and Wallballs!

Normal people wouldn’t be so excited about these things, but it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do them…it was nice to feel semi-normal!

It was someone’s 38th birthday today (not mine) in class and to celebrate our warm up was 38 burpees!  They sucked, as per usual.  Then it was time for the workout.  It was:

OTM 14 min
odd – 2 Front Squat – take it from the floor  I took it off the rack because I can’t clean right now @135#
even – 2-5 Strict Pullups / Muscle ups  I did 3-4 steps in ring rows
Wallballs @ 13#
Pullups Ring Rows
rest 3mins

(2:31 / 2:15)

I had some trouble hitting the target with the med ball the first time through.  I just haven’t done wall balls in so long!  After talking to Pete, we realized that i was standing too close to the wall and the next round I was able to hit the target every time.  Overall, great workout. Felt good!

Last night, as mentioned in previous posts, I went to a Cat Circus.  It was kind of awesome.

Getting read to jump through hops

Getting read to jump through hops



Rock Cats!

Rock Cats!



One comment

  1. I’ve been to this cat circus too! Looks like the same women …cats. I remember there was a chicken named Hendiana Jones …played a mean cymbal! 🙂

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