Today was a productive and relaxing day all at the same time.  It was all about self-improvement – physically.  I got up and Niko and I went to the 9:00AM class with everyone else at Craic.  I think that there were 25 people in class today.  Ben was coaching because most of the other coaches are all at the Crossfit Games.  And when Ben is coaching, mobility is the focus!  Since it was only a 15 minute AMRAP we did a whole circuit of mobility.  Couch stretch, lacrosse ball, hammies, foam rolling.  It was kind of lovely.  And then the workout started.  I was kind of sick after dinner the night before and I think that made for a bad workout.  I struggled today.

Workout was:

15min AMRAP
Run 200m
10 KBS 53/36 – I did Russians at 44#
10 Pike Situps – I modified to these and did knee touches
10 Pushups – Bench push-ups

The run was okay, as were the KBS and sit-ups.  The PUs are where I lost the most time.  I only managed to get 4+run+11.  I just couldn’t get through the push-ups unbroken.  And they were on a bench.  I know I’m just starting to do them again, but man, I wish I didn’t struggle so much.  It’s like I’m back to square one.

After the gym, I went and got my hair done, then a manicure / pedicure…and then I took a nap.  It was a much needed relaxing day after a series of weekends away and busy weeks at work.

I hope that the rest of the weekend is like this.


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