Guten Tag from Gamescom!

Hello.  I haven’t blogged in awhile.  Got really busy before I left for my trip to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom.

Days were long and I didn’t get any workouts in.  But I was walking and/or standing most of the day – so at least I was sedentary the entire time.  My shoulders have been a mess since I got home, so I opted to not workout today.  There was cleaning and thrusters on the workout and my lower back is also bothering me.  Trying to rest up before I head out for another couple of week of travel (1/2 business 1/2 vacation).  Not much to talk about, but since I hadn’t updated in awhile, wanted to share some pictures from my trip.

BIONADE.  Orange Ginger spritzer.

BIONADE. Orange Ginger spritzer.

Red Beard's beard (aka Dave Williams, one of the nicest guys I  know).

Red Beard’s beard (aka Dave Williams, one of the nicest guys I know).

360K people were at Gamescom over the weekend.  This is just the hallway.

360K people were at Gamescom over the weekend. This is just the hallway.

Top three teams are awarded their prize money.  Infinite Crisis crew representing on stage.

Top three teams are awarded their prize money. Infinite Crisis crew representing on stage.

BigBaller Mike, a local celebrity in Germany.  This is how he lives every day. He DJ'd our event.

BigBaller Mike, a local celebrity in Germany. This is how he lives every day. He DJ’d our event.


Fake it until you make it!

My husband is an introvert.  That’s always been who he is, and one of the many reasons why I love him.  For a lot of the social gatherings I go to, he usually opts not to go.  We’ve been together a long time, so I choose my battles carefully, only “forcing” him to go to events where it means something to me that he goes.  He’s actually gotten a lot better about wanting to go to events without me bugging him about it…and he even started Crossfit (which throws you into group situations from the get-go!)  Anyway, for the longest time, there was a running joke at work with my friend, Cardell (and some others), that Niko didn’t really exist – and my Facebook was filled with pictures of me and someone I paid to be my husband on Facebook to keep the creepers away.

Me and Niko circa 2003.  "The heavier years"

Me and Niko circa 2003. “The heavier years”

Why am I bringing up this story?  Did you think that this was going to be a post for me to talk about how we’ve both gone through self-improvement phases over the years, blah, blah, blah.  Nope.  Actually, yesterday, I came across an article from a dude who shows how people can fake having a girlfriend on Instagram.  It was kind of genius.  And if I wasn’t really married to Niko…and Cardell’s theory was correct…I would have had 8 easy steps on how to create a fake boyfriend (or girlfriend).  Click on the picture below to find all the juicy secrets!



Today was a workout PR.  I’ve actually done 5 workouts straight without having to modify the movements.  Also, other than doing partner assisted with Jarrod once (so he could test my pull-ups) I’ve never been able to to do partner assisted pull-ups in a workout!  Usually, it’s just  ring-rows all by myself.  Today, I got to do them!  It’s nicer than you think to not have to modify workouts all the time.  While I’m still getting a good workout in, it’s hard not to feel left out of a group when they are all working on one movement and you are doing your own thing.  While there are still things that I have to modify (no snatches, swinging to overhead movements, kipping) the list is getting smaller and smaller.  While I really want to work on heavier weights, I’m working the lower weights so that I can build muscle and strength.

A1. Thruster @ 45#
BEG- 5×10

A2. Pullups – 5 sets
BEG- 3-5 Partner Assisted  (I did 3 / round and did standing rows after class)

B. 3 rounds for time
20 DB Thrusters (10#)
10 Ring-Rows

Thrusters felt good and I was able to get through them relatively easily.  The pull-ups were hard at the initiation, but I was able to get up afterwards the first half of the pull.   LoriBro was my partner and did a great job supporting me.  Did 10# for the dumb bell thrusters and again, easy to get through.  The dumb bell thrusters are a bit harder for me, as I can’t use the stability of the full bar to help me through them.  Mostly taxing on the engine…need to work on stamina a bit more.  Final time was 4:10.

Sunday and Monday

Today was a rest day. But here’s Sunday and Monday’s workouts.

Sunday I went to mobility and the kettle bell class.  It kicked my ass (the KB class).  I was able to do all of the movements, at lower weight for some of them.  Each movement was with two bells.

OTM 10 min: Even: 15 Deadlift (24#)  Odd: 10 Racked Squats (24#) – this one hurt my knees at first, so I put on my knee sleeves and all was well with the world 🙂
rest 2min
OTM 10 min: Even: 10 Pushup on Bells (5 ABMAT pushups) Odd: 10 Guerilla Cleans (24#)
rest 2 min
OTM 10 min: Even: 10 Seasaw Press (13# / 18#) Odd: 10 Russian Swings (24#) – I didn’t want to push too heavy on the press, but I got laughed at when I was doing 13#, so I bumped to 18#.  It was a good decision.

Monday started out crap-tastic and it continued for most of the morning.  Set the tone for my day and I wasn’t really looking forward to working out that night (I had planned to go to the 7:30PM class with Niko).  I ended up going, and it was a good thing.  Helped me clear my head and the workout just felt good.

A. 3 Hang Power Clean + 3 Push Press – work to a max of the complex in 15mins

B. 10min AMRAP
7 Deadlifts
7 Push Press
7 Box Jumps

I am still on restriction weight wise but not movement.  Another workout where I didn’t have to modify anything!  The highest weight that I was allowed to do was like 70% of what I think my max was.  I used 120# as a base and didn’t go higher than 85#.  My form felt amazing on both the hang cleans and the push press. I was really happy with it.  No pain.  Plan is to continue to work on perfecting my form before I go for the heavy maxes.

For part B, I opted to go with the BEG weight, which was 45#.  Cycling that many dead lifts and push-presses has been problematic for me and I wanted to be safe.  But the BIG news is that I actually did real box jumps and my ankle felt fine.  I jumped up and stepped down.  It was awesome and the workout was tiring, but it felt great.  Total score is 7+9.  Hip got a little tight on the deadlifts.  They are my least favorite weight lifting movement, hands down.






Old School (am)RAP

Workout was simple enough.  15 minute AMRAP 10 walking lunges, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups rest 5 minutes and repeat.  The simple ones are always tough, aren’t they? Luckily, Ben had some 90’s hip hop playing, so that was a good motivator…


I initially scaled to ten  2-abmat push-ups but it was essentially like holding a plank with a small dip and by the times I got to the sit-ups my abs were smoked.  After three rounds, I scaled to five 1-abmat push-ups and it was manageable.  Definitely need to start working the core more, as the sit-ups were what really got me.  Was able to cruise through all the lunges UB and the 5 push-ups UB, but towards the end of the first AMRAP and the entire time through the seconds one, I had to break up the sit-ups a lot.  All in all, I think I did about 170 sit-ups at least.  We’ll see how ab-tastic I feel tomorrow.  Final scores 9+16 / 9+2




Wow.  Am I out of shape.  Since I have been on so many restrictions since getting injured, my conditioning seems to have fallen off.  Today, I actually did a workout where I didn’t have to modify any of the movements.  It was kind of awesome.  Until I started the workout and it kicked my ass.  The workout was:

10min AMRAP
Run 200m
10 Wallballs
rest 5mins
10min AMRAP
Row 250m
10 DB Thrusters

Jarrod split us into two groups, so half of us started with the thrusters and half of us started with the wallballs.  OMFG.  I just read the workout that was on the Craic site (which I copied and pasted above…and now I’m about to tell you what we did for a workout below:

10min AMRAP
Run 200m
10 Thrusters
rest 5mins
10min AMRAP
Row 250m
20 Wallballs


The workout we did was so much more awful than what we were supposed to do per the Craic site.  I am a little bitter now as I type this blog.  Pairing the wallballs with the row was really tough on the quads.  If it was with the run, as it was supposed to be…that would have been so much better.  And also only 10 wall balls.  I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bitter.  It’s fun when I’m doing a blog post and mid-post I realize what happened.  My scores were Thrusters / Run = 4+10+50m run and Wallballs / Row = 3+20+75m

This workout kicked my ass, but I feel I would feel better about the workout had we done it was directed originally.  Craic.  Always different, always hard.

confused cat

Rest Day…Story Time

Yesterday and today were rest days.  Today was inadvertent, as I went to a business dinner instead of going and working out (I had planned to workout tonight).  Oh well.

Sara Callahan told a story in the beginning of her blog post, and for some reason it reminded me of a funny story that includes my sister, Leanna. I think the way Sara told the story inspired me to share this one.  It has nothing to do with her story…but it’s a funny memory.


Leanna is on the left, that’s me on the right.

We were in high school and had gone down to Boston (from Maine) to visit our older brother Michael and his then wife, Brenda.  We had gone to the Garment District and were sitting on the T heading home.  Now, the Garment District at the time (in the 90s) was a place where you could bring trash bags and sort through clothes and pay by the pound.  So, to revise, we were sitting on the T with trash bags and my sister was sitting opposite my brother and I.  She was wearing a shirt and some leggings.  All of a sudden, a 30ish year old gentleman sits down beside her.  He looks at her and says “You know, you don’t have to live that life to make money on the streets.  There are alternatives.”  Basically implying that my sister was a prostitute.  Instead of sticking up for her, my brother and I just snickered from across the train car as we watched my sister try to ignore him.  She wasn’t even dressed slutty.  It was awesome and almost every time I go on the T, I think of that story.


Nancy Schmancy

The game my company works on is called Infinite Crisis.  It’s a ton of fun and I spent some quality time playing it on Friday.  I’m particularly liking Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Catwoman.  Obviously, my preference is Catwoman…however I think I’m a better Nightmare Batman player.  I think I’m even starting to look like him…

photo 1Weekend workout was a partner workout and Niko and I got to partner together.  It was really cool to partner with the husband on that workout.  Partner 1 ran 400, while Partner 2 did an AMRAP while the other person was running of 7 wallballs and 7 ringrows (or pull-ups).  We used the 15# ball.  Niko had plenty of time to AMRAP because I’m such a slow runner.  He even “pulled back” his run a bit, but still ran it pretty fast.  Niko is not so great about keeping track of his rounds, but I think we managed to get around 21 rounds done in total…Maybe more, maybe less.  But it was still awesome to partner with him!

Post workout <3

Post workout ❤

Today’s workout was the benchmark workout Nancy – 5 rounds for time of 400m run and 15 OHS.  I tried doing some OHS, and at 15 pounds, it felt okay – but 35# was no bueno.  I did front squats instead for the workout and ran 200m instead of 400m.  My knee has been bugging since I started running again.  I think I might have been a little ambitious in my running endeavors and my ITB is really tight.  My knees were not happy.  I did the first round UB on the front squats.  The other four rounds I did 10 and 5.   Final time was 13:07 (I think).  There were a ton of people doing Nancy Rx and they were crushing times today.  It was awesome.


Good Girl…

This is the best version of this song, and the video will just bring a smile to your face.

Speaking of, today was a rest day because I was told it was going to be a rest day.  Since I’ve gotten the go ahead to do more and more shoulder stuff, my arms, shoulders, and scapulae have been adjusting and in PT yesterday they were not too happy.  Craig (my PT) said that if it was an arm workout, I was not allowed to go to Craic and had to rest a bit.  Today’s workout was essentially all arms, so I was a good girl and stayed home.  And speaking of good girls, I had Izzie keep me company during my last session.

Keeping guard while I mobilize.   #goodgirl #izziethePTdog

Keeping guard while I mobilize. #goodgirl #izziethePTdog

I did go to yesterday’s workout and it was a kind of make your own workout.  John programmed it so that we knew what the movements were, but we chose the rep scheme.  It was a 20 minute AMRAP of 400m run, burpees, KB swings, and sit-ups.  I decided to go with 400m run (while I’m happy I can run in workouts, I still hate running – if that even makes sense), 3 burpees, 10 KB swings (Russian with 44#), and 10 sit-ups.  Goal was to create a scheme where we just kept moving.  The run took a lot out of me and I knew that I would likely have to rest after three burpees and John didn’t want resting during any of the movements.  I don’t remember how many rounds I got, but I did keep moving.  It was a great class because Susie Diesel actually showed up to the 6:30am class along with G. and Callahan.  We all never get to workout together.  They all left me in the dust but I love working out with them.  I had to get a picture with Susie because people wouldn’t have believed the fact she was in the 6:30am class otherwise.  We both look a bit sleepy 🙂

photo (7)