Nancy Schmancy

The game my company works on is called Infinite Crisis.  It’s a ton of fun and I spent some quality time playing it on Friday.  I’m particularly liking Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Catwoman.  Obviously, my preference is Catwoman…however I think I’m a better Nightmare Batman player.  I think I’m even starting to look like him…

photo 1Weekend workout was a partner workout and Niko and I got to partner together.  It was really cool to partner with the husband on that workout.  Partner 1 ran 400, while Partner 2 did an AMRAP while the other person was running of 7 wallballs and 7 ringrows (or pull-ups).  We used the 15# ball.  Niko had plenty of time to AMRAP because I’m such a slow runner.  He even “pulled back” his run a bit, but still ran it pretty fast.  Niko is not so great about keeping track of his rounds, but I think we managed to get around 21 rounds done in total…Maybe more, maybe less.  But it was still awesome to partner with him!

Post workout <3

Post workout ❤

Today’s workout was the benchmark workout Nancy – 5 rounds for time of 400m run and 15 OHS.  I tried doing some OHS, and at 15 pounds, it felt okay – but 35# was no bueno.  I did front squats instead for the workout and ran 200m instead of 400m.  My knee has been bugging since I started running again.  I think I might have been a little ambitious in my running endeavors and my ITB is really tight.  My knees were not happy.  I did the first round UB on the front squats.  The other four rounds I did 10 and 5.   Final time was 13:07 (I think).  There were a ton of people doing Nancy Rx and they were crushing times today.  It was awesome.


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