Rest Day…Story Time

Yesterday and today were rest days.  Today was inadvertent, as I went to a business dinner instead of going and working out (I had planned to workout tonight).  Oh well.

Sara Callahan told a story in the beginning of her blog post, and for some reason it reminded me of a funny story that includes my sister, Leanna. I think the way Sara told the story inspired me to share this one.  It has nothing to do with her story…but it’s a funny memory.


Leanna is on the left, that’s me on the right.

We were in high school and had gone down to Boston (from Maine) to visit our older brother Michael and his then wife, Brenda.  We had gone to the Garment District and were sitting on the T heading home.  Now, the Garment District at the time (in the 90s) was a place where you could bring trash bags and sort through clothes and pay by the pound.  So, to revise, we were sitting on the T with trash bags and my sister was sitting opposite my brother and I.  She was wearing a shirt and some leggings.  All of a sudden, a 30ish year old gentleman sits down beside her.  He looks at her and says “You know, you don’t have to live that life to make money on the streets.  There are alternatives.”  Basically implying that my sister was a prostitute.  Instead of sticking up for her, my brother and I just snickered from across the train car as we watched my sister try to ignore him.  She wasn’t even dressed slutty.  It was awesome and almost every time I go on the T, I think of that story.


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