Fake it until you make it!

My husband is an introvert.  That’s always been who he is, and one of the many reasons why I love him.  For a lot of the social gatherings I go to, he usually opts not to go.  We’ve been together a long time, so I choose my battles carefully, only “forcing” him to go to events where it means something to me that he goes.  He’s actually gotten a lot better about wanting to go to events without me bugging him about it…and he even started Crossfit (which throws you into group situations from the get-go!)  Anyway, for the longest time, there was a running joke at work with my friend, Cardell (and some others), that Niko didn’t really exist – and my Facebook was filled with pictures of me and someone I paid to be my husband on Facebook to keep the creepers away.

Me and Niko circa 2003.  "The heavier years"

Me and Niko circa 2003. “The heavier years”

Why am I bringing up this story?  Did you think that this was going to be a post for me to talk about how we’ve both gone through self-improvement phases over the years, blah, blah, blah.  Nope.  Actually, yesterday, I came across an article from a dude who shows how people can fake having a girlfriend on Instagram.  It was kind of genius.  And if I wasn’t really married to Niko…and Cardell’s theory was correct…I would have had 8 easy steps on how to create a fake boyfriend (or girlfriend).  Click on the picture below to find all the juicy secrets!



Today was a workout PR.  I’ve actually done 5 workouts straight without having to modify the movements.  Also, other than doing partner assisted with Jarrod once (so he could test my pull-ups) I’ve never been able to to do partner assisted pull-ups in a workout!  Usually, it’s just  ring-rows all by myself.  Today, I got to do them!  It’s nicer than you think to not have to modify workouts all the time.  While I’m still getting a good workout in, it’s hard not to feel left out of a group when they are all working on one movement and you are doing your own thing.  While there are still things that I have to modify (no snatches, swinging to overhead movements, kipping) the list is getting smaller and smaller.  While I really want to work on heavier weights, I’m working the lower weights so that I can build muscle and strength.

A1. Thruster @ 45#
BEG- 5×10

A2. Pullups – 5 sets
BEG- 3-5 Partner Assisted  (I did 3 / round and did standing rows after class)

B. 3 rounds for time
20 DB Thrusters (10#)
10 Ring-Rows

Thrusters felt good and I was able to get through them relatively easily.  The pull-ups were hard at the initiation, but I was able to get up afterwards the first half of the pull.   LoriBro was my partner and did a great job supporting me.  Did 10# for the dumb bell thrusters and again, easy to get through.  The dumb bell thrusters are a bit harder for me, as I can’t use the stability of the full bar to help me through them.  Mostly taxing on the engine…need to work on stamina a bit more.  Final time was 4:10.

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