Things on the Interweb

Today’s workout was tailor made for me not actually doing it.  Not cherry picking, but just too shoulder intensive and I didn’t want to go in and modify EVERYTHING. 

Instead, I have discovered amazing things on the interwebs.  And followers of this blog (and those who personally know me) will be surprised to find that the below has nothing to do with cats!  But because I am the Crazy CatFitter, I will post this one picture of an adorable kitten and then let you see the interweb stuff that I have been enjoying lately.



First, if you haven’t seen the video of the #twerkingfail

And then here’s the true story behind it. #awesome

And then, for all you bros and gals that don’t know what to do with those old shorts that rip or don’t fit you anymore….Recycle them into a fancy dress.


And lastly, I went onto Facebook.  Trying to remember the brand of bikes that I have been eyeing around town…and my Facebook peeps didn’t fail me!  Here was my post:

“Cryptic description, but hoping FB peeps can help. Does anyone know the brand of bicycles that are super colorful and for casual riding about town? They are bicycles that look like hipsters might ride them around…only way cooler. Can’t remember the brand…”

I got answers from Hotwheels to Huffy…but a few finally gave me the answer I was looking for – Republic Bikes.  This is next on my list to save up for.  Now I have to figure out the color scheme (which is the hardest part!)





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